What's better than a fluffy cake that melts in your mouth? A fluffy cake that melts in your mouth adorned with gorgeous flowers! But not just any flowers – we're talking about a stunning array of dried and edible flowers, transforming your wedding cake from a simple dessert to an extraordinary piece of art.

Simply, dried flower wedding cakes are where tradition meets trend, offering a feast for the eyes and the palette. So, if you're ready to make a dessert that is as beautiful as it is tasty, let's get into it.

The Beauty of Dried Flowers for Cake Decor

Dried flowers have surged in popularity, offering modern and unique aesthetics. Unlike their fresh counterparts, dried blooms don't wilt, making them perfect for showcasing natural beauty that lasts throughout the celebration and beyond. Plus, they offer a wide range of colors and textures, providing a versatile option for personalizing your design.

But how do they stack up against pressed flowers and edible flowers? Let's check it out:

Flower Type



Dried Flowers

Wedding Cake

They remain beautiful throughout your event without the risk of wilting, offering a wide range of colors and types to match any theme.

It can be fragile and may require careful handling to prevent breakage.

Pressed Flower Wedding Cake

Offers a beautiful and refined look, allowing for creative designs that make your creation a true work of art.

Selection is limited to blooms that can retain their color and shape when pressed, and they're also quite delicate.

Edible Flower Wedding Cake

Adds a splash of color and an unexpected flavor twist that's sure to enchant your guests.

Availability can be seasonal, and it's important to ensure they're safe for consumption.

Best Dried Flower Wedding Cake Decorations

Wedding cake with dried flowers from Hidden Botanics.

When picking dried flowers for your wedding cake, think about the vibe you’re aiming for and the meanings behind these blooms. Here's a look at some top choices and why they’re a fit for various themes:

Dried Flower


Perfect for Theme

Why They’re a Fit


Love and beauty


Nothing says love quite like roses, making them a no-brainer for romantic themes.


Devotion and calm

Rustic or Provencal

Its soothing presence is great for rustic themes, adding a pop of color and a hint of fragrance.


Good luck and happiness


These lush blooms bring a touch of luxury and are said to bring good luck.

Baby’s Breath



Light and airy, it’s perfect for a boho vibe, infusing a whimsical feel.




Its sleek greenery works well with modern decor, offering minimalist elegance.




Ideal for a country theme, it adds a natural, earthy element symbolizing prosperity and growth.




Their fullness and range of colors bring a classic aesthetic.

Decoration Tips For DIY Wedding Cakes

Wedding cake with dried flowers from Hidden Botanics.

When diving into the world of DIY cake decorating, it’s all about making sure the dried blooms look great and stay put from the first slice to the last photo.

Follow these tips to do just that:

1. Select Quality Flowers

Choose high-quality, pesticide-free, dried floral options. Organic or specially prepared cake decoration-grade flowers are your safest bet, ensuring they're as beautiful as they are safe.

2. Preparing the Flowers

Next, gently clean your arrangements to ensure they're free of dust and debris. A soft brush or a gentle shake is perfect for this. Depending on the design, you might need to trim the stems. Aim for a length that provides stability but won't pierce too deeply into the layers, striking the right balance.

3. Planning Your Design

Before placing anything on the icing, take a moment to sketch your vision or lay it out on a flat surface. This helps you visualize the final look and consider the design from all angles. Balance larger blooms with smaller ones and distribute colors evenly for a final project that’s harmonious and visually appealing.

4. Attaching the Flowers

For food safety, introduce a barrier like wax paper or fondant plaques between the cake and the flowers, especially if there's any doubt about them being completely chemical-free. When dealing with heavier blooms, you might need to create a small bundle using floral wire or tape before inserting them. It's crucial to ensure that any non-edible materials don't come into direct contact with the food.

5. Highlighting With Frosting and Accents

Use frosting or icing not just as an adhesive but to artistically accent the botanicals. Also, think about adding other decorations like ribbons, edible gold leaf, or berries to introduce additional texture and color.

6. Final Touches

A light dusting of edible glitter or powdered sugar can bring a magical touch to your adornments, especially under soft lighting. If it needs to be refrigerated, check that the flowers won’t be affected by moisture, as some varieties can wilt or lose color in high humidity.

7. On the Wedding Day

If possible, plan to add the most delicate arrangements on-site to minimize damage during transportation. Lastly, make sure everything is securely attached so that nothing shifts or falls, making sure that your display looks perfect for its big moment.

Top Tips for Working With Cake Decorators

Wedding cake with dried flowers from Hidden Botanics.

If you’re entrusting the creation of your cake to a professional, effective collaboration with your decorator is key. Let’s take a look at some top tips to guarantee a smooth and successful partnership.

1. Start With Inspiration 

Come prepared with ideas, photos, and maybe even a mood board that captures the essence of what you're envisioning. This visual aid can serve as a great starting point for discussions and help your decorator understand your style and preferences.

2. Communicate Clearly

Be as specific as possible about what you want, including colors, themes, and any particular flora or foliage you're drawn to. If there are elements you're unsure about, ask for their professional opinion. A good decorator will be able to guide you toward choices that align with your overall vision.

3. Discuss the Budget 

Be upfront about your budget constraints. A skilled decorator can suggest creative solutions to achieve a stunning effect within your budget without compromising the look and feel you desire.

4. Plan for Logistics

Talk about the delivery and setup process, including the timing, location, and how it will be transported safely. If your design features delicate blooms, discuss how and when these will be added to ensure they look their best.

5. Trust Their Expertise

While it's important to convey what you want, also be open to suggestions from your decorator. They bring a wealth of experience and might propose ideas you hadn't considered that could enhance your concept.

6. Sample Flavors

If possible, schedule a tasting to sample different flavors and fillings. This not only ensures the cake will taste as good as it looks but also allows you to discuss how the flavors might complement the aesthetic elements.

7. Finalize Details in Writing

Once you've agreed on the design, price, and delivery details, make sure everything is put in writing. A contract can help avoid any misunderstandings and provide a reference point for both parties.

8. Schedule Check-Ins

If you're planning your special day well in advance, schedule periodic check-ins with your decorator to update any details or adjustments. This is especially important if there are changes to your theme, guest count, or venue that might affect the design.

Make Your Cake Look as Good as It Tastes With Hidden Botanics

The logo of Hidden Botanics.

At Hidden Botanics, we’re all about making sure your wedding cake doesn’t just taste amazing – it looks amazing, too. We provide top-notch dried floral arrangements that are perfect for adding that special touch to your cake.

Moreover, beyond cake decor, we also specialize in bespoke floral arrangements such as wedding arch flowers and flower garland decorations that reflect your individual style. From classic romance with roses and boho chic with sprigs of lavender to a modern minimalist look with eucalyptus, our team crafts custom designs that seamlessly integrate with overall aesthetics.

We believe everyone deserves a ceremony that's as unique as their love story without compromising on budget. That's why we offer personalized quotes, ensuring that our exquisite dried floral arrangements meet your specific needs and financial considerations. So, whether you are picturing a stunning wedding bouquet or want elegant wedding hairstyles with dried flowers, our goal is to provide you with a detailed, transparent proposal that captures your vision and exceeds your expectations.

Our designs are more than just decorations; they're a statement. Sustainably sourced from the lush landscapes of Turkey, each bloom is selected for its beauty, longevity, and eco-friendly footprint. This means your special day is adorned with decor that not only looks ethereal but also aligns with a broader commitment to the planet.

Interested? Explore our lookbook today and discover the ways Hidden Botanics can transform your wedding into a floral masterpiece that commands attention. 

Final Thoughts

Incorporating dried flowers into your wedding cake brings a unique blend of tradition and modern flair to your celebration. By carefully selecting high-quality, pesticide-free blooms, preparing them gently, and thoughtfully planning your design, you can ensure your cake is not only a visual masterpiece but also safe and delicious. Hence, with these tips, your dried flower wedding cake will stand as a stunning, memorable centerpiece that captures the essence of your special day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dried flowers safe for cake?

Yes, dried flowers can be safe for cake decoration, provided they are sourced from a reliable supplier that ensures they are food-grade and free from pesticides. Importantly, it’s vital to use flowers specifically treated for culinary use to avoid any health risks.

Can you put dried pressed flowers on a cake?

Absolutely! Dried pressed flowers can be used on a cake and are a popular choice for adding elegant, intricate designs. However, they should be placed on a protective layer such as fondant or wax paper, especially if there's any concern about their edibility or if they haven't been specifically treated for food safety.

Is it better to have fresh or dried flowers for a wedding bouquet?

The choice between fresh or dried flowers for a wedding bouquet depends on personal preference and the wedding's style. Fresh flowers are known for their vibrant colors and scents, which make them ideal for a traditional look. On the other hand, dried flowers offer a rustic, timeless appeal and the advantage of lasting longer, making them a keepsake for your special day.

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