Are you wondering what dried flowers symbolize? These botanical treasures are more than mere decorations; they're vessels of profound stories and silent emotions, each bloom rich in symbolism. They're not just decorative items; they're carriers of stories, representing everything from love that withstands the test of time to the resilience needed through life's challenges. 

This exploration isn't just about appreciating their beauty – it's about understanding the meaning of different flowers. This guide takes a closer look at the history and symbolism of dried flowers and what some of the most beloved blooms represent.

1. Eternal Love: The Meaning Behind Dried Roses

Dried roses bouquet from Hidden Botanics.

Roses have long been the emblem of love, with their history deeply rooted in ancient mythology. Linked to the goddess of love in both Greek and Roman cultures, red roses especially symbolize deep passion and commitment. Hence, beyond their captivating beauty and fragrance, they carry a universal message of love. Importantly, this very significance as tokens of love has remained constant, making them timeless symbols for romantic gestures, celebrations, and expressions of enduring love.

2. Gratitude and Innocence: Dried Baby's Breath

Dried gypsophila from Hidden Botanics.

Baby's breath, originally from Eastern Europe and recognized for its delicate white blossoms, stands for purity, innocence, and lasting love. Traditionally, they have also been a symbol of good luck and protection, often included in wedding bouquets and festive decorations to signify new beginnings and safeguard against misfortune. Simply, throughout history, baby's breath has carried meanings of unspoken connections and the gentle strength of love. Their presence in arrangements speaks to the enduring nature of affection, making it a poignant choice for expressing deep, heartfelt emotions.

3. Prosperity and Renewal: Dried Lavender

Dried lavender from Hidden Botanics.

With its vibrant hue and soothing fragrance, lavender has been cherished since ancient times for its calming and purifying properties. Originating from the Mediterranean, they were used by the Romans for bathing, cooking, and scenting the air, symbolizing cleanliness, peace, and relaxation. In the language of flowers, they represent devotion, serenity, and an open heart, often given as a gesture of love and trust. When preserved, lavender maintains its potent scent and color, embodying the essence of tranquility, protection, and the promise of new beginnings. 

4. Strength and Healing: Dried Eucalyptus

Dried eucalyptus from Hidden Botanics.

Known for its strong scent and medicinal properties, eucalyptus originates from Australia, where its healing capabilities have been utilized for centuries, especially by the indigenous community. Hence, in the Victorian language of flowers, they represent protection, indicating their historical use as a natural remedy and a shield against diseases. However, this plant's significance extends beyond its physical benefits, embodying the idea of rejuvenation and recovery. When used for decor, they serve as a reminder of resilience, healing, and the ability to overcome challenges. When used in floral arrangements, they signify a commitment to health, well-being, and the nurturing of oneself and others.

5. Grace and Sophistication: Dried Hydrangeas

Dried hydrangeas from Hidden Botanics.

With their lush, voluminous blooms, hydrangeas carry meanings of gratitude, grace, and abundance. These flowers originated in Japan, where they are deeply tied to heartfelt emotion and apology, highlighting a sincere understanding and regret for past mistakes. In the Victorian era, these flowers were given to express genuine appreciation for someone's kindness, making them a symbol of gratitude and enlightenment. Moreover, the wide range of colors in hydrangeas, from soft blues and pinks to deep purples, adds to their symbolism, with each hue conveying a different emotion or wish.  

6. Protection and Loyalty: Dried Thistles

Dried thistles from Hidden Botanics.

Thistles, with their prickly exterior and striking blooms, stand for resilience, protection, and strong will. Native to the regions of Europe and Asia, they have long been admired for their ability to thrive in harsh conditions, reflecting a spirit of determination and defiance. In Scotland, the thistle is celebrated as a national emblem, representing the Scottish people's courage and protective nature during historical conflicts. The dried flower meaning of the thistle also extends to loyalty and steadfastness, suggesting a bond that remains unbroken through adversity. In other words, they convey a desire for safeguarding what is cherished and a commitment to standing firm in the face of challenges.

7. Hope and Freedom: Dried Pampas Grass

Dried pampas grass from Hidden Botanics.

Originating from the South American plains, dried pampas grass has been a part of indigenous cultures for centuries and is used in both decorative and ceremonial contexts. Their presence evokes a sense of openness and wanderlust, reflecting the vast landscapes from which they come. In addition to this, historically, pampas grass has also been a symbol of prosperity and fertility, with its abundant seeds and rapid growth representing the promise of new beginnings. As a dried flower, they maintain their striking appearance and stand as a poignant reminder of the importance of hope and the freedom to explore life's vast horizons.

8. Admiration and Sophistication: Dried Orchids

Dried purple orchids from Hidden Botanics.

Renowned for their exotic allure and rich diversity, orchids embody admiration, respect, and luxury. With roots dating back to ancient Greece, orchids were revered for their association with perfection and vitality. Similarly, in Chinese tradition, they stand for refinement, thoughtfulness, and the noble beauty of virtuous individuals. Additionally, during the Victorian era, the collection of rare orchids was a testament to luxury and a profound appreciation for the extraordinary. Interestingly, each hue of orchid holds its own meaning when dried: white symbolizes purity, pink represents grace and joy, and purple signifies dignity and reverence.

9. Unity and Elegance: Dried Peonies

Dried peonies in white from Hidden Botanics.

Peonies, with their lush, full blossoms and rich history, portray prosperity, romance, and honor. Originating from Asia, where they are considered the national flower of China, they have been cultivated for over a thousand years not just for their beauty, but for their medicinal qualities as well. Today, peonies represent enduring beauty, wealth, happy marriage, and romance, making them a popular choice in wedding bouquets and celebrations. Hence, adding these blooms to your home or special event brings a touch of classic beauty and a reminder of the joy and prosperity that life offers.

10. Hope and Constancy: Dried Bluebells

Dried bluebells from Hidden Botanics.

Bluebells, striking with their vibrant blue and bell-shaped blossoms, are deeply rooted in folklore and symbolize everlasting love and gratitude. Native to ancient woodlands of the UK and parts of Europe, they carry a rich history of being linked to the fairy realm, embodying mystique and protection. In fact, their historical ties to folklore add a layer of enchantment, suggesting that a field of bluebells could be a portal to the magical world, a place where one could find true hope and constancy. Moreover, the tradition of associating the flower with gratitude comes from its perennial nature, returning each spring without fail, representing reliability and enduring appreciation. 

11. Good Health and Happiness: Billy Buttons

Dried yellow billy buttons from Hidden Botanics.

Known for their vibrant yellow, ball-shaped blooms, Billy Buttons come from Australia and New Zealand. These cheerful blooms stand as symbols of health and happiness. Traditionally valued by Indigenous cultures for their healing properties, Billy Buttons were used to treat various ailments, reinforcing their association with wellness. In the language of blooms, they express joy and the celebration of life's bright moments. Their sunny disposition spreads happiness and warmth in arrangements and decor, highlighting the resilience and enduring beauty of nature.

12. Abundance, Prosperity and Fertility: Dried Wheat

Dried wheat from Hidden Botanics.

Wheat has been a fundamental crop since the dawn of agriculture, revered for its life-sustaining qualities. In many cultures, it is associated with bountiful harvests and the cycle of life and death, often used in celebrations that mark both beginnings and endings. Historically, wheat sheaves have been included in wedding ceremonies to wish fertility and prosperity upon the newlyweds, conveying hopes for a future filled with abundance. Other than this, its presence in decor speaks to a connection with nature's cycles, reminding us of the simple yet profound bounty that sustains life.

Bring Your Stories to Life With Hidden Botanics

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Simply, from the love symbolized by roses to the happiness denoted by billy buttons, our arrangements are more than decorations; they're conversation starters. And, for those who love to personalize, our bespoke service invites you to co-create your arrangements, ensuring your decor is truly one-of-a-kind.

Explore our lookbook today and let Hidden Botanics help you make your floral décor about more than just aesthetics. It's about creating an atmosphere charged with meaning, where every petal and leaf adds to the narrative of your most cherished moments. 

Final Thoughts

Exploring what dried flowers symbolize reveals a tapestry of emotion and history, where each bloom has its own story. Hence, beyond their enduring beauty, these floral gems carry deep meanings – from the everlasting love signified by roses to the tranquility symbolized by lavender. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dried flowers good luck?

Yes, dried flowers are often viewed as symbols of good luck and enduring happiness in various cultures. They are believed to bring positive energy and stability, representing the preservation of good fortune and the lasting nature of meaningful relationships and cherished moments. Additionally, this makes them popular in home decor and as gifts, embodying wishes for lasting happiness and prosperity.

Why is preserving flowers important?

Preserving flowers extends their beauty beyond their natural lifespan, reducing waste and offering lasting reminders of special moments. It allows us to enjoy blooms for longer periods, minimizing the need for constant replacement. Additionally, preserved flowers hold sentimental value, capturing memories and emotions and enriching our lives practically and emotionally with their enduring beauty.

Are dried flowers better than fresh?

Dried flowers, like those from Hidden Botanics, offer a different value compared to fresh blooms, as they last longer, require minimal maintenance, and bring a unique aesthetic and emotional weight that fresh flowers can't always match. Simply put, while fresh florals have their beauty and charm, dried blooms provide lasting memories and timeless beauty.

Why are dried flowers special?

Dried flowers captivate with their enduring beauty, versatility, and symbolic significance. Preserved to last for months or even years, they offer an eco-friendly way to enjoy blooms year-round, whether in elegant arrangements or rustic crafts. Their longevity and adaptability make them a timeless addition to any space, conveying sentiments and adding charm with their delicate forms and colors.

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