While a wedding might be the most magical day of your life, it doesn't have to come at the expense of the planet. So, if you’re looking for sustainable wedding flowers, we're here to show you a better, more beautiful way to decorate – with dried blooms! 

This isn't about compromising on your dream day; it's about making your celebration not just memorable but also conscious. Dried florals bring an unexpected, earthy elegance to any theme, proving that your love story can be as kind to the Earth as it is beautiful.

Let's embark on this journey together, transforming the way we think about wedding decor, one bloom at a time.

Flower Options for Wedding: Fresh vs. Dried

When focusing on sustainability, selecting the right type of wedding flowers is essential. This table compares fresh and dried flowers across various aspects, such as sourcing, environmental impact, and longevity, to help you make an informed decision that aligns with your values and preferences.  


Fresh Flowers

Dried Flowers


Can be sourced both internationally and locally, depending on the variety and season. Local sourcing supports community businesses and reduces transportation emissions.

Can also be sourced both internationally and locally, with local sourcing supporting artisans and minimizing the carbon footprint. 

Resource Use

Requires significant water and care throughout their growth, as well as energy for refrigeration during transport and storage to maintain freshness.

Requires minimal resources post-harvest, as they do not need water or refrigeration, making them the more environmentally friendly flowers.

Lifespan and Waste

Typically, they last from a few days to a week, creating more organic waste unless composted. The ephemeral nature of fresh flowers means they are often enjoyed for a shorter period.

They have a long lifespan, often lasting for years, which significantly reduces waste. Their durability makes them a more sustainable choice for decor that lasts beyond the special day.

Environmental Impact

Locally grown fresh flowers have a lower carbon footprint than those flown in from international locations. The use of pesticides and fertilizers in conventional farming can also affect their eco-friendliness.

Generally, they have a lower environmental impact. They are often naturally preserved, avoiding the use of chemicals.

Cost Over Time

Initial costs may vary widely. Locally sourced, in-season flowers can be more affordable, but rare or off-season varieties can be expensive. Additionally, they might require a larger budget due to their perishable nature.

Can cater to all types of budgets, plus they are cost-effective over time due to their longevity and ability to be reused.

Aesthetic and Variety

Offers a wide range of colors, scents, and styles, fitting every theme from classic to modern. Additionally, their natural beauty and fragrance are a bonus.

Provides a unique, often bohemian look that can complement various themes. While they can lack the natural scent, they offer an enduring aesthetic appeal.

Ease of Arrangement

Requires careful handling and often professional arrangement to look their best, especially on the day of the event.

Can be arranged in advance and are more forgiving in terms of handling and storage, offering flexibility for DIY arrangements.

Allergy Considerations

Pollen from fresh flowers may trigger allergies for some people.

They are typically better for allergy sufferers, as the drying process reduces pollen and other allergens.

Event Day Reliability

Can be sensitive to weather conditions; heat or cold can affect their appearance. Proper care is needed to ensure they look their best throughout the event.

Highly resilient and not affected by the weather in the same way, ensuring they remain beautiful throughout the day without wilting.

Ideal For

Couples who value the traditional beauty and fragrance of fresh blooms and are willing to accommodate their care needs and environmental considerations.

Couples looking for an eco, long-lasting decor option that supports local businesses and reduces event waste.


Adding Dried Flowers to Your Wedding

Hidden Botanics dried flowers table decorations for weddings.

Dried blooms are not just an alternative to flowers at weddings; they're a statement of sustainability and beauty. Here’s how to seamlessly integrate them into various aspects of your wedding:

  • Bridal Bouquets: Crafting a bridal bouquet with preserved flowers allows for a unique combination of textures and colors that fresh alternatives can't always offer. Consider incorporating symbolic varieties like dried roses for romance, lavender for a touch of tranquility, and pampas grass for volume and texture.
  • Boutonnieres: For the groom and groomsmen, buttonholes and boutonnieres made from wheat, lavender, or small roses add a rustic yet elegant touch. These can be designed to complement the bridal bouquet, ensuring a cohesive look across the bridal party. For more ideas, check out our guide on ‘Dried Flower Buttonholes.’

  • Aisle Decorations: Lining the aisle with floral arrangements or scattering petals creates a romantic pathway to the altar. This approach offers an environmentally friendly alternative to fresh petals, which can be slippery and are often thrown away after the ceremony.

  • Ceremony Arch: An arch decoration adorned with dried blooms and greenery sets a stunning scene for exchanging vows. This focal point can be as simple or elaborate as you like, with the flexibility to set it up in advance without worrying about wilting.

  • Table Centerpieces: Designs with artificial and dried mixed flowers make for striking table centerpieces that can be arranged well before the day, reducing last-minute setup stress. Plus, they offer an opportunity to get creative with non-traditional containers like vintage vases, or rustic baskets.

  • Hanging Installations: Suspended installations add an element of wonder to your venue, transforming the space with a floating garden effect. These can be placed above dining areas, the dance floor, or the entrance for a memorable impact. For additional inspiration, explore our blog on ‘Wedding Flower Ideas’ and get creative.

  • Favors and Guest Book Table: Small bouquets, single stems, or sachets filled with dried lavender make thoughtful wedding favors that guests can take home. Additionally, decorate the guest book table with a vibrant display of dried arrangements, making even this small detail a conscious choice.


More Ways You Can Make Your Wedding Sustainable

A rustic wedding table setting complemented by a centerpiece of dried flowers in warm hues, including roses and pampas grass, creating a romantic and bohemian atmosphere.

Your journey to a conscious wedding encompasses every choice, from invitations to the farewell. Let’s explore how to infuse each element with care for the planet.

Digital Invitations 

Start your journey with digital invitations. They're not just eco-friendly by saving paper; they also allow for creative and interactive content, like maps and RSVP features. However, if you’ve got your heart set on physical invites, you can make them more eco-friendly by choosing recycled or FSC-certified paper.

Venue Selection 

Selecting the right venue can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Look for venues that practice sustainability, such as using solar power or offering on-site recycling. Additionally, you can host your ceremony and reception in the same place or even choose a location accessible by public transportation to lower travel-related emissions.

Sustainable Catering 

Food is a big part of your ceremony, and it also has a big environmental impact. To combat this, work with caterers who source ingredients locally and seasonally, reducing the carbon footprint associated with food transport. Plus, offering plant-based dishes can further decrease the environmental impact, as they generally require less water and land to produce than meat-based options.

Attire With a Conscience 

Your wedding attire offers another opportunity to make conscious choices. To this end, second-hand dresses and suits reduce the demand for new clothing production and contribute to a circular fashion economy. However, if you prefer something new, seek out designers who use organic fabrics and ethical manufacturing processes.

Low-Impact Transportation 

Encourage guests to carpool, or arrange a shuttle service to and from the venue to minimize individual car use. For your own transportation, consider renting a hybrid or electric vehicle, or even a horse-drawn carriage if it's locally available and fits your theme.

Thoughtful Wedding Registry

Create a registry that reflects your values. Ask for experiences, donations to charity, or items from eco-friendly brands. If you’re feeling committed to the cause, you can even suggest that guests make a contribution to a project as a gift.

Elevate Your Wedding With Sustainable Flowers From Hidden Botanics

Bride holds a colorful dried flower bouquet from Hidden Botanics.

Hidden Botanics is your partner in weaving sustainability into the fabric of your wedding day. We specialize in providing eco-friendly flowers and decor that capture the essence of your love story while minimizing its environmental impact. 

With an extensive selection of dried flowers and foliage, we empower you to craft unique arrangements that speak volumes of your commitment to both beauty and the planet. Hence, our bespoke orders service is here to turn your dreams into reality. From handcrafted wedding bouquets to statement centerpieces and grand floral arches, our dedicated team crafts each piece with meticulous care and attention to detail. 

Simply, at Hidden Botanics, we're committed to making breathtaking floral designs accessible and affordable. We deliver professional-grade quality and creativity without the premium price tag, ensuring your wedding decor is both spectacular and responsible. 

Explore our lookbook, curate your ideal sustainable dried floral arrangements, and step into your special day with confidence. With Hidden Botanics, you're not just choosing a supplier – you're choosing a partner dedicated to making your celebration as beautiful and conscious as possible.

Final Thoughts

Choosing sustainable flowers for your wedding is a powerful statement of love – not just for each other, but for the world around you. With Hidden Botanics, you don't have to compromise on beauty to uphold your eco-conscious values. Let us help you celebrate with sustainable wedding flowers that make your celebrations as memorable as they are to the planet.


What is eco floristry?

Eco floristry involves sustainable practices in arranging and sourcing flowers, focusing on minimizing environmental impact. This approach includes using locally sourced, seasonal or dried flowers, avoiding chemical preservatives, and employing biodegradable or reusable materials for arrangements.

How to buy flowers ethically?

To buy flowers ethically, look for local florists or online retailers who source their blooms from organic, fair-trade farms and local growers or offer a selection of dried flowers. Ask about their sourcing practices, and choose seasonal blooms to reduce transportation emissions and support local economies.

Can you mix real and fake flowers at a wedding?

Yes, you can mix real and fake flowers at a wedding to achieve a desired aesthetic while managing costs and environmental impact. In fact, combining high-quality artificial or dried flowers with fresh, locally sourced blooms can create stunning, sustainable arrangements that blend the best of both worlds.

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