You might have heard that dried blooms are one of the biggest wedding trends right now, but have you ever thought about mixing dried and fresh flowers? 

This trend is catching the eye of brides looking for something a little different for their big day. It's not just about the visual appeal; it's about crafting a vibe that's both timeless and fresh all at once. So, whether your style leans towards the rustic, the elegant, or somewhere in between, this approach offers a unique way to make your floral arrangements stand out.

Let's look at four tips to help you master the art of combining dried and fresh blooms.

1. Choose a Cohesive Color Scheme

Dried Flowers bridal bouquet with burnt orange and cream flowers.

Crafting a cohesive color scheme for your wedding's floral arrangements involves being thoughtful when mixing dried and fresh flowers. Here's how to ensure your colors harmonize beautifully:

  • Choose Your Base Palette: Begin with the palette of your dried flowers, which typically offer a range of muted, earthy tones. These colors set a sophisticated and natural foundation for your arrangements.
  • Accentuate With Fresh Blooms: Introduce fresh flowers in colors that complement or thoughtfully contrast with your base. This strategy brings vibrancy and dimension to your designs. For example, combine dried real flowers in shades of beige and tan with fresh live blooms in soft pinks or deep burgundies. This mix can create a beautiful contrast that adds depth to your decor.
  • Align With Your Wedding Theme: Make sure your chosen colors resonate with your wedding's overall theme. Whether you're envisioning a rustic charm, a modern chic, or a classic elegance, the colors should seamlessly integrate with the aesthetic you're aiming for.
  • Achieve Balance: Strive for a balanced look where no single color overwhelms the others. This balance ensures that your floral decor complements rather than competes with the setting of your wedding.
  • Seasonal Considerations: Let the season of your wedding guide your color choices. Opt for warm, cozy hues in autumn or winter and bright, airy shades in spring or summer, aligning your floral palette with the natural backdrop of your wedding date.

If you want to learn more about wedding color themes, download our free ebook Easy Way Into Color Themes.

2. Balance Textures and Shapes

Trailing Amaranthus and Pampas Moongate dried floral wedding decor.

Creating a visually captivating design also involves a thoughtful balance of textures and shapes between dried and fresh flower arrangements. Let’s explore some great ways to achieve that:

  • Contrast Textures: Combine the distinct textures of each style. For instance, pair the softness of fresh blooms like peonies or roses with the crispness of elements such as pampas, grass, or eucalyptus for a tactile experience.
  • Vary Shapes: Integrate a variety of shapes to keep the eye moving and interested. Use the linear, structured forms of branches or twigs alongside the rounded, lush silhouettes of hydrangeas or dahlias.
  • Layer for Depth: Place taller, more rigid dried florals at the back or center of your designs and surround them with softer blooms to create layers and volume.
  • Highlight Unique Features: Allow each type of flower to shine by giving them space within the arrangement. This could mean using dried flowers as a striking backdrop for the vibrant colors of live flowers.

3. Consider the Longevity of Your Arrangements

Burnt orange pampas grass and orange centerpiece and vase wedding arrangement.

When mixing dried and fresh flowers, it's important to plan for how your arrangements will evolve over time, especially through the duration of your wedding and beyond. For beautiful floral displays, here are some tips:

  • Use Water Sources for Fresh Blooms: Incorporate discreet water sources for fresh flowers within your designs. Floral water tubes can be hidden to keep them hydrated without compromising the aesthetic.
  • Select Hardy Fresh Flowers: Choose varieties known for their longevity. For example, orchids, chrysanthemums, and carnations can withstand longer periods without water, making them ideal companions to dried blooms.
  • Embrace the Transition: Opt for flowers that dry beautifully, such as lavender, roses, and hydrangeas. As these types dry naturally, they'll complement the existing dried elements, allowing them to age gracefully.
  • Placement Matters: Keep arrangements in cooler, shaded areas as much as possible to prolong the life of the blooms. 

4. Play With Proportions

Pampas grass dried flower crown.

Finding the perfect balance is key to creating a look that's uniquely yours. Follow these steps to play with proportions:

  • Decide on a Focal Point: Determine whether you want dried or fresh flowers to take center stage. This choice will guide the proportions and layout of your arrangements.
  • Add Accents: Once you've chosen your focal elements, use the other type as an accent. For example, if dried flowers are your main feature, sprinkle in fresh blooms for vibrant pops of color. Conversely, if fresh flowers dominate, weave in dried elements for added texture and interest.
  • Experiment With Ratios: There's no one-size-fits-all formula for the perfect mix. Try different ratios until you find the combination that feels right. Start with a 70:30 ratio in favor of your preferred type and adjust from there.
  • Reflect Your Style: Let your personal taste shine through your floral choices. Whether you lean towards a minimalist approach or a lush, vibrant display of flowers, ensure your arrangements are a true reflection of you.

Dried and Fresh Flowers Arrangement Ideas 

Hidden Botanics dried flower bouquet.

Mixing dried and fresh flowers in your wedding arrangements is an opportunity to unleash your creativity and experiment with textures, colors, and styles. However, if you're seeking a bit of direction to get started, the table below offers some tried-and-true pairings that harmonize beautifully together. 

Fresh Flower

Dried Flower 

Ideal For



Romantic flower bouquets and centerpieces


Pampas Grass

Luxurious, fluffy arrangements



Bold, statement pieces


Wheat Stalks

Rustic weddings and table decor


Bunny Tails

Spring weddings, delicate bouquets



Whimsical, cascading arrangements


Lotus Pods

Sun-kissed, summer flower bouquets



Elegant, vintage-inspired themes


Oak Leaves

Autumn weddings, warm color schemes



Exotic, vibrant centerpieces


Elevate Your Wedding Decor With Hidden Botanics

Hidden Botanics dried wildflower bridal bouquet.

Hidden Botanics brings the enduring beauty of dried flowers to the forefront of wedding decor. Our dedication lies in curating floral arrangements that capture the heart and imagination, perfect for couples seeking a touch of natural elegance and a lasting memento of their special day. 

If you're contemplating the inclusion of unique designs and arrangements, we also offer a bespoke orders service where you can get custom-made wedding arrangements and turn your vision into reality. Simply, at Hidden Botanics, we're passionate about helping you create a wedding atmosphere that's both enchanting and personal. Our arrangements are not just decorations; they're statements of style and sustainability. 

Moreover, we understand the appeal of dried flowers – their timeless beauty, the way they evoke a sense of romance and nostalgia, and their ability to last long after the wedding day has passed. That's why we're here to guide you, offering personalized advice and a wide variety of dried florals that can complement any theme, from the rustic and bohemian to the sleek and modern.

Let us be part of your journey to a beautifully unique wedding. With Hidden Botanics, your decor will not only capture the essence of your love story but also leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. Explore our lookbook and see how dried blooms can add an unforgettable touch to your ceremony.

Final Thoughts

Bringing together dried and fresh flowers in your wedding arrangements is more than just a trend; it's a way to infuse your special day with personality, texture, and depth. This creative blend allows you to craft a floral story that's uniquely yours, one that resonates with your personal style and aesthetics. 


Can I mix dried and fresh flowers?

Absolutely! Mixing dried and fresh flowers can create stunning, textured arrangements that combine the best of both worlds. This approach allows for unique color combinations and adds depth to your floral decor, making it a popular choice for weddings and home decorations alike.

Can you put dried flowers in a vase with water?

It's not recommended to put them in water as they are preserved to last without moisture. Hence, placing them in water can cause them to deteriorate. Instead, arrange them in a dry vase or consider using floral foam for stability in mixed arrangements, keeping fresh flowers hydrated separately.

Which is better: fresh or dried flowers?

The choice between fresh and dried flowers depends on your personal preference and the occasion. Fresh flowers offer vibrant colors and a sweet fragrance, ideal for immediate impact, while dried blooms provide lasting beauty and are more sustainable over time. Mixing both can offer the best of durability and freshness.

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