Wedding flowers have adorned ceremonies for centuries, weaving tales of tradition and romance. Tracing back to ancient rituals, brides once clutched bouquets of herbs and blooms to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. In fact, they have long been associated with love, beauty, and fertility. Though, over time, the role of these blossoms evolved.

Beyond their symbolic value, florals are now the unsung heroes of theme and ambiance. Whether a romantic garden wedding or a rustic barn celebration, your floral installations help create the desired atmosphere. They can be used to add pops of color, create focal points, or even transform a space entirely. From cascading floral arches to delicate table centerpieces, they can elevate any wedding decor. 

Dive in, and let's explore the world of wedding flowers that promise to make any celebration unforgettable.

Top 15 Most Popular Wedding Flower Types

There are countless beautiful blooms for your wedding, but some have become particularly popular. Here is a list of the top 15 most popular wedding flower types:

1. Roses

A table decorated with rose wedding flowers.

Roses and weddings? They're like two peas in a pod. These stunning blooms have been a top pick for couples everywhere for ages. Why? Well, besides being downright gorgeous, roses are all about love and beauty. Think back to ancient times – they were the go-to plant to honor Aphrodite, the love goddess herself. 

Fast forward to today, and the rose hasn't lost its charm. From deep, passionate reds to soft and dreamy blushes, there's a variety for every couple's story. Plus, if you're looking for a real showstopper? Garden roses are your best bet. They stand out with a large flower face and bring a touch of magic to any bouquet. They're timeless, romantic, and always in style.

2. Peonies

A person holding a bunch of pink peonies.

If you're hunting for something that exudes romance, look no further than the peony. They bring about a particular charm, making your bouquet burst with big, fluffy petals, each one symbolizing love and prosperity.

Here's some insider info: Peonies only grace us with their presence between April and June, making them a sought-after luxury. Since they are one of the most in-demand plants and only bloom for a short season, they've become one of the most expensive and common flowers in bouquets. 

But oh, are they worth every penny! Their color palette ranges from the dreamiest pinks to pristine whites and passionate reds. They are a real showstopper; you can let them shine solo or mix them with other blooms for a rich, textured feel.

3. Calla Lilies 

A top view of a bouquet of calla lilies.

Picture this: slender, long stems topped with a bloom that gracefully flares out like a trumpet. Sounds poetic, right? That's the allure of calla lilies for you.

Now, when you think about making a statement without going over the top, calla lilies should be on top of your list. They've got this modern flair, making them a hit at contemporary weddings. But don't be fooled by their chic vibe – they slide effortlessly into traditional settings, too, with their ageless elegance.

The best part? These beauties don't play hard to get. They're generally available all year round, despite the primary blooming season falling between spring and summer, just waiting to add a touch of sophistication to your big day. 

4. Hydrangeas

a person holding a large bouquet of blue hydrangeas.

Let's dive into the world of hydrangeas, shall we? With these wedding flower varieties, you can enjoy vibrant blooms, each adding a touch of fullness and richness to your arrangements. Moreover, those tying the knot between summer and autumn will love to know that hydrangeas are in their prime between May and early fall. Especially, brides with late summer weddings can truly capitalize on the beauty of these trusted wedding flower types, making their celebrations even more enchanting.

Hydrangeas have been a beloved part of weddings for decades, offering a classic touch to countless special days. Their claim to fame: those big, show-stopping faces! They're pros at filling in gaps, making every bouquet or centerpiece look even more magnificent. Plus, from cool blues and passionate pinks to timeless whites, hydrangeas wear every shade with pride.

5. Sunflowers

A bride holding a bouquet of sunflowers and eucalyptus.

Planning a summer wedding? Sunflowers are the sturdy companions you've been searching for. These tough blooms can handle those long, sunny days with a wink and a smile. Plus, if you're dreaming of that perfect rustic touch, these florals blend effortlessly, adding a hearty dose of warmth and nature's beauty.

But wait, there's more! While the classic yellow sunflower is a heart-stealer on its own, don't forget its lovely siblings. Explore the world of multi-petaled sunflowers with shades from fiery red and zesty orange to earthy brown. Just a glance at their bright, beaming petals, and it's clear why sunflowers are the darling of rustic and outdoor weddings.

6. Orchids

A close-up of a white orchid flower.

Ever dreamt of adding a touch of exotic luxury to your wedding day? Well, it's time to consider orchids. Whether you're after a modern edge or tropical vibes, these florals are ready to grace your celebration with their captivating appearance. 

However, the beauty of orchids isn't just in their stunning look but also in their availability. They are typically available all year round, and although they haven't always been the most popular wedding flowers, they are making quite the comeback! Plus, if soft, dusty pastel hues are your thing, orchids have got you covered there too.

7. Tulips

A bride holding a large bouquet of pink tulips.

Ah, tulips! Aren't they just delightful? Known to represent 'perfect love,' these florals come in various charming shades and whimsical variations. The playful fringed tulips, dancing with unique edges, might catch your fancy. Alternatively, if opulence is what you're aiming for, double tulips, boasting twice the number of petals, stand ready to add that plush feel. Plus, for those who appreciate art in every form, the Rembrandt tulips with their distinct red streaks are almost like nature's paintings come alive!

Bridging the gap between affordability and beauty, tulips are in season from January right through April. Whether you dream of a monochrome elegance or a burst of assorted hues, tulips with their colors – passionate red, gentle pink, sunny yellow, regal purple, or pristine white – can set the right mood.

8. Carnations

A close-up shot of pink carnation wedding flowers.

There's something inherently nostalgic and endearing about carnations. Simple yet with an enchanting charm, they are the unsung heroes of the floral world. They might not always be the centerpiece, but they've remained integral to celebrations throughout history. Dating back a whopping 2,000 years, these beauties have been gracing Greek and Roman ceremonies, symbolizing love and a deep sense of fascination.

However, planning a wedding is no small feat, and let's be honest, budgets play a crucial role. That's where the humble carnation, with its myriad of colors and excellent availability, truly shines. Not only are they a treat for the eyes (and the wallet!), but their sturdy nature makes them a dream to work with. Whether transporting them across town or down the street, these durable options will arrive as fresh and radiant as when they were first picked.

9. Baby's Breath

A large bouquet of baby’s breath flowers on a stone pillar.

You know those dainty white clusters that add a touch of dreaminess to bouquets? That's Baby's Breath for you! During late spring, you'll see these gentle and airy florals that are like nature's own little whispers. Traditionally scattered amidst grander blooms to enhance their beauty, Baby's Breath is taking center stage nowadays, proving that sometimes, the simplest things leave the most profound impact.

Thus, in the world of weddings, where every detail counts, these unassuming florals are redefining elegance. Their cloud-like appearance makes them an exquisite choice, whether nestled between roses or standing tall in their own dedicated arrangement. So, as your preparations start coming together, let the delicate allure of Baby's Breath add its enchanting notes that linger long after the celebrations.

10. Ranunculus

A vase of pink and white ranunculus.

Ranunculus, with their gentle swirls of delicate petals, are like nature's ballet dancers. Their resemblance to petite roses, combined with their distinctive flair, makes them a favorite among those with an eye for detail. The distinct petal structure is uniform yet lends depth and texture to floral arrangements. And for those seeking a twist, the butterfly ranunculus, with their more open petals, offers a delightful variation.

Radiating charm and attractiveness, ranunculus blooms come alive in a palette of colors, from deep burgundy and romantic peach to lively pink and pure white. While often cast in supporting roles – adding wildness and movement with their ruffled petals and playful wiggly stems – these blooms captivate in their quiet elegance. Plus, they're most radiant in cooler months, from February to May. If you're on the hunt for flowers that bring a dash of whimsy without overshadowing the main attractions, ranunculus is the best wedding flower.

11. Dahlias

A collection of glass jars full of white dahlias and pink stocks.

If you dream of a floral statement that exudes refinement and vibrancy, dahlias are your answer. These blooms, bursting with texture and color, effortlessly light up any wedding scene. Plus, the universe is truly in your favor if you're a fall bride! Dahlias, quintessential to autumn, bloom in their full glory from mid-summer right into the heart of fall.

Delving into the different types, dahlias are known for their prominent and striking flower heads, especially the well-known "dinner-plate” variety. These are grand, yet they don't demand a fortune like some of their counterparts. In fact, cactus and pompon dahlias stand out as bridal favorites. Each type, color, and size speaks a different story, offering a range of choices to match every theme.

12. Anemones

A wedding bouquet of white anemones and green foliage.

Dive into the world of common wedding flowers, and you'll find few as intriguing as the anemone. With petals as delicate as a whisper, contrasted sharply by their pronounced black centers, these blooms are nature's masterpieces. 

Not just confined to the iconic white with a dark heart, anemones sway in a medley of colors – from the lush berry and royal purple to the fiery red. Their distinct appearance, especially that captivating center, has made them a cherished choice for contemporary weddings. However, while they stand out strikingly on their own, these can also mingle gracefully with other blooms, complementing and accentuating their beauty. 

Here's some insider info: While their blooming season is between May and August, these flowers do best in cooler climates as the face can be tender in the sun. Hence, if you’re having a late summer wedding, ensure your florist treats these blooms with extra care. 

13. Gardenias

A close perspective of a wedding bouquet featuring white gardenias.

Step into any room adorned with gardenias, and you'll be greeted by a scent that's nothing short of endearing. These creamy white blooms, cherished for their intoxicating fragrance, are often the centerpiece in bridal bouquets. However, their appealing aroma also makes them a top pick for daintier arrangements such as boutonnieres and corsages

That said, it's worth noting their scent can be overpowering for some. So, if your guest list includes those with a sensitive nose, it might be wise to use gardenias with a gentle hand. 

Plus, while stunning, gardenias can be delicate travelers and might lean towards the pricier side compared to other options. Nonetheless, their pristine appearance makes them a favorite, especially for summer weddings. 

14. Lily of the Valley

Bunches of lily of the valley flowers sit upon a placemat and paper.

When you think of a flower that embodies regal simplicity, the lily of the valley is sure to come to mind. These delicate, bell-shaped blossoms are available in shades of white and pink. While they might not be 'true lilies,' they've certainly earned their place in the wedding spotlight. These blooms have even graced the bouquets of iconic royal brides, from Princess Diana to Kate Middleton. 

Moreover, their petite size and graceful appearance make them perfect for boutonnieres, ensuring a harmonious floral theme. Plus, if you dream of a statement-making bouquet that whispers elegance, consider bundling several stems, allowing their lush green leaves to accentuate their beauty. 

A word of advice for the brides-to-be: These beauties are typically only available in early to mid-spring. So, if you're hoping to have them on your special day, planning around their season is key. 

15. Sweet Peas

Several small bunches of blue sweet peas and white rose bouquets are placed on a wooden backdrop.

Steeped in fantasy, sweet peas capture the essence of love stories with their delicate, ruffled blooms and appealing fragrances. Favoring the cooler months, brides having their weddings in late winter and early spring make the most of these, though the blooming season can extend through to summer. And, with a palette spanning soft whites, burgundies, and blues, these florals complement a cooler-toned theme or those longing for a touch of vintage on their big day.

Here’s some insider info: These petals crave a bit of pampering with their delicate demeanor. So, it's wise to consult with your florist about incorporating them in a way that stands the test of time, especially given their fragile nature.

11 Types of Wedding Bouquets 

A bride holds a large dried flower bouquet full of green foliage by Hidden Botanics.

While many brides-to-be have a specific plant in mind, the bouquet style often sets the tone. Your choice of bouquet complements your wedding dress, venue, and overall theme, so it's crucial to get it right. 

Here's a concise guide to 11 popular types of wedding bouquets and a little insight into which flowers might be best suited for each:

Types of Wedding Bouquets 


Best Wedding Flowers to Use


This is a compact cluster of flowers, uniformly arranged and usually wrapped tightly with a ribbon. 

Roses, tulips, and carnations


This bouquet looks like a waterfall of flowers flowing down from the bride's hands. 

Orchids, ivy, and stephanotis


A small, round bouquet, typically designed to be held with one hand. 

Gerbera daisies, roses, and baby's breath


A larger version of the posy, this bouquet is spherical and symmetrical. 

Peonies, roses, and lilies


A loosely tied bouquet, giving a 'just-picked' look. 

Wildflowers, roses, and daisies


Unlike the round bouquet, this style isn't uniform and often has flowers extending on one side. 

Anemones, eucalyptus, and varied greenery


Shaped like a crescent moon, with florals arching from both sides. 

Orchids, lilies, and ferns


Designed to be cradled in the arms, reminiscent of a beauty queen's prize. 

Calla lilies, long-stemmed roses, and delphiniums

Dried Flower

Incorporates dried flowers for a rustic, vintage feel. 

Lavender, roses, and baby's breath 

Faux Flower

Made from silk or other materials, these bouquets last forever. 

Any flower can be mimicked, but popular ones include faux roses, peonies, and hydrangeas


A modern twist, with flowers arranged on a circular frame. 

Eucalyptus, roses, and small daisies


Factors to Consider When Choosing Wedding Flowers

Colorful dried flower wedding bouquets by Hidden Botanics.

Picking out wedding flowers is not just about picking pretty petals; it's about weaving your ideal theme and memories into your special day. Let's dive into some considerations to help you choose the perfect florals:

  • Budget: Florals can be a significant expense, with couples typically spending about 8% of their budget on wedding flowers. So, it's essential to determine how much you are willing to pay and prioritize which arrangements are most important to you.
  • Seasonality: Some types of wedding flowers only come about during certain times of the year. By aligning with nature's timetable, you not only get the freshest of blooms but can also save some of those precious pennies. Also, consider your wedding's location and climate, as certain types might not fare well in extreme heat or cold.
  • Color Scheme: Whether you dream of soft pastel shades or bold contrasting tones, choose plants that complement your chosen palette and theme. You can opt for monochromatic arrangements or mix and match different hues for a more vibrant look.
  • Personal Preferences: Do you have a favorite flower? Is there a particular bloom that holds sentimental value? Incorporating florals that have personal meaning to you might be your best wedding flowers, adding an extra layer of significance to your wedding day.

Affordable Wedding Flowers With Hidden Botanics

An arrangement of dried grass, flowers, and foliage lying on a mat.

Dive deep into the world of sustainable yet stunning wedding flowers with Hidden Botanics. With hundreds of handmade faux and dried bouquets, we have a commitment to eco-friendliness. Each arrangement is meticulously handcrafted and designed to look natural and effortless. 

Whether you desire something from our vast 500-choice collection or have a vision entirely your own, our promise is customization like you've never seen before. With our bespoke arrangement service, your dream bouquet or floral installment is just a conversation away.

But what makes us shine? Our blend of quality, affordability, and swift service. Even on a short timeline, we're here to make your floral dreams come true. So, while you explore the different types of wedding flowers, let Hidden Botanics add that special touch to your magical day. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect wedding flowers is a blend of personal preference, seasonality, and budget considerations. With a myriad of options available, from timeless roses to exotic orchids, every couple can find blooms that resonate with their love story. As you embark on this floral journey, remember that it's not just about aesthetics but also about weaving memories and emotions into your special day. With thoughtful choices and the expertise of professionals like Hidden Botanics, your wedding flowers can truly elevate your celebration to an unforgettable experience.

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