The history of the white wedding dress is shorter than you might think, so don’t feel guilty if one of the below options speaks to you more!

Several members of royalty prior to Queen Victoria marrying Prince Albert in 1840 had worn white on their wedding days, but it was still a very uncommon colour for a bridal gown - regardless of how it is currently the norm. In the same way that Queen Victoria’s wedding popularised the modern wedding bouquet, it was also responsible for kicking off the trend of white wedding dresses. Prior to this, it was not the assumption that you would only wear your wedding dress once, as many people at the time were unable to afford new clothing being made just for the ceremony and because white was so hard to stain it was seen as a poor choice.

Many contemporaries were surprised by Victoria’s choice, critics even deriding the decision.

It’s odd to think that a wedding not even two centuries ago had such a profound effect on almost every western wedding leading to the present. For those wanting to eschew the royal’s choice, there are plenty of options for brides who don’t like that traditional wedding garb - or simply don’t want to wear one themselves. Your special day is a day for you to show off yourself to the fullest extent, and if you don’t think the familiar cut and colour wedding dress could do that for you, take it as a challenge, and express your inner uniqueness by wearing something that’ll really wow your guests!


Wear a Different Colour (or Kind) of Dress

With the tradition being relatively short , the idea of going for a non-white dress suddenly becomes so much more reasonable and appealing. Will it be bold colours, like red or green, black or deep blue? There’s been an increasing number of brides who have worn floral printed dresses down the aisle, and looking at pictures, I won’t argue with this decision.

Cooler colours like pale blues and greys would also be a brilliant choice, as well as more metallic hues - it’s hard not to be swept up in it when looking through brides in gold wedding dresses. Neutral tones like ivory and peach are also to die for.

Don’t feel wholly restricted to one colour, however, your wedding dress can contain any combination of shades. You may even go against the traditional cut of a wedding dress. Gowns are not for everyone, and they are in no way an essential part of the ceremonies. A bride in a short white dress is not uncommon, and for outdoor weddings is certainly handy at preventing the bottom getting muddy.

Other popular styles include sheer and sequin dresses, as well as looser and more informal dresses becoming increasingly frequent among brides wanting to ditch tradition.

However, let’s not pretend that if you don’t want to wear a white wedding dress to your wedding that the only option is simply a different type and colour of wedding dress. Plenty of brides are choosing to do away with the idea of wearing a dress entirely. A modern bride could wear:


A Two Piece

If a dress isn’t your speed, consider splitting it and wearing a white top and maxi skirt. The top can be lacy, off the shoulder, crop, or other, and the skirt can be equally varied, being sheer, long and flowey, or even have a fashionable slit running down it.

Splitting the bride’s wedding outfit in two may make it feel more comfortable, more maneuverable, more you. There’s also no reason that the bottom half of the outfit needs to be a maxi skirt - you’re already breaking the mould, so why not try wearing a pair of white trousers with whatever top you choose?

If you’re feeling adventurous, throw a white suit jacket over the top of this killer combo. Speaking of suit jackets:

A Suit

Why should grooms be the only ones allowed to wear suits? Whether you’re marrying a man or not, a white suit is a solid choice. It will counter the groom’s black suit perfectly, all while proving you to be a fashionable, stereotype-breaking woman (who will now have a lot of an easier time getting groovy on the dance floor).

This one might be a harder sell to some male partners, but just remind him that if he’s marrying you, he loves you as you are, and maybe that person you are is going to absolutely rock a shirt and blazer while walking down the aisle!

A Jumpsuit

While we’re championing the bridal trouser-leg, it would be remiss if we didn’t mention that there’s been some absolutely stunning bridal jumpsuits being put out in recent years which can capitalise on that traditional lace and tulle and texture, and some even feature fashionable sheer capes!

Even as someone who thought I was decided on wearing a wedding dress when I do get married, looking through the collections that cover and include these various atypical options has me second-guessing. There are numerous beautiful and gorgeous and spellbinding bridal outfit options just outside of the narrow view of tradition.

After all, it’s your day. Your time to shine. Who says that the way you shine brightest is in dressing like everyone else?


If you’re looking for flowers to complete your look - be that as a flower crown, bouquet, or other accessory (maybe even a boutonniere?), why not have a look at Hidden Botanics’ store, which sells a myriad of different dried floral arrangements for brides? As we use dried flowers, our pieces will last significantly longer than fresh alternatives, so there’s no need to worry about them wilting and losing their beauty only days after your special day.

We also cater to non-traditional styles, so a dress-shirking bride with a penchant for pampas grass will feel right at home amongst our collection!


Alex x

May 09, 2022 — Cagla Cantimur

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