Picture this: A walk down the aisle, your hands clasping a bouquet that's more than just flowers – it's a piece of history, a nod to romance that has stood the test of time. Introducing the allure of vintage wedding flowers.

Whether you're a bride-to-be drawn to the nostalgic beauty of yesteryears or simply someone who appreciates the intricate stories woven into the fabric of themes, this guide is your golden ticket. 

Let's look at 16 ideas that blend the magic of the past with the promise of tomorrow.


1. Old English Roses for Timeless Elegance 

Old English roses vintage bride bouquet from Hidden Botanics.

Celebrated for their beautiful fragrances and voluminous petals, roses are the quintessence of a bygone era. Opt for colors in soft blushes, creams, or deep velvety reds to evoke the timeless allure of an English garden. Their rich history and connection to romance make them a top choice for a vintage bride bouquet.

2. Peonies for Lush Opulence

White peonies and roses, vintage wedding flowers from Hidden Botanics.

Peonies, with their full, lush blooms, are reminiscent of the extravagant floral arrangements of the Edwardian era. Choosing peonies in soft whites and pastel hues or deep, romantic reds can bring a dramatic yet delicate touch to your ceremony. 


3. Sweet Peas for Delicate Fragrance

Pastel lilac and dried greenery vintage wedding flowers with sweet peas by Hidden Botanics.

Sweet peas, with their ruffled petals and sweet fragrance, impart a delicate, airy quality to vintage bouquets. Available in a rainbow of soft colors, they can evoke the whimsy and nostalgia of early 20th-century garden parties.


4. Hydrangeas for a Stunning Impact 

Green hydrangea and eucalyptus woodland bridal bouquet by Hidden Botanics.

Hydrangeas, particularly in muted tones of blue, green, and lavender, offer a backdrop of lush volume and texture, echoing the grandiose floral displays of the Victorian era. Their dense clusters of blooms can create a stunning visual impact, making them a versatile choice for wedding flower arrangements.


5. Lavender for Rustic Charm

Lavender and baby's breath retro flower arrangements by Hidden Botanics.

Lavender, with its slender stems and fragrant blooms, brings a rustic element to any design. Its soft purple hues and calming scent evoke a sense of countryside elegance, perfect for designs that lean towards the bohemian and whimsical.


6. Ranunculus for Depth and Texture 

Ranunculus vintage dried floral arrangements by Hidden Botanics.

Ranunculus flowers, especially in soft hues like buttery yellow, coral, and antique white, add depth and texture to any design. Their densely layered petals and ability to look stunning alongside both bold and delicate blooms make them a versatile choice for achieving that sought-after feel.

7. Eucalyptus Foliage for Subtle Sophistication 

Eucalyptus vintage flower arrangements for weddings by Hidden Botanics.

With its simple yet beautiful green foliage, eucalyptus acts as the perfect complement to vintage bouquets, adding texture and a hint of subtle sophistication. Its soft leaves pair beautifully with both pastel and deep floral hues, enhancing the arrangement's overall antique appearance.


8. Carnations for a Classic Appeal

Burnt orange and dusty pink carnations vintage bride bouquet from Hidden Botanics.

Reclaiming their status from bygone days, carnations, especially in pastel shades like dusty rose, pale yellow, and soft lavender, can inject classic appeal and volume into any design. Additionally, their ruffled petals and ability to last long after the ceremony make them a practical yet beautiful choice.


9. Thistle for Unique Texture

Scottish thistle and daisies vintage bride bouquet from Hidden Botanics.

Thistle, or echinops, offers an unexpected, striking texture to a vintage flower bouquet. In other words, its spherical blue blooms and spiky appearance introduce a wild, natural element reminiscent of untamed Victorian-era gardens.


10. Gypsophila for Ethereal Beauty

Gypsophila vintage flower arrangements from Hidden Botanics.

Gypsophila, or baby’s breath, with its cloud-like clusters of tiny white flowers and symbolism of everlasting love and purity, infuses an ethereal quality to vintage arrangements. Often used as a filler, its delicate presence can actually stand out, creating a soft, dreamy look that complements more robust blooms beautifully. 


11. Wildflowers for a Touch of Whimsy

Hot pink wildflower retro flower arrangements from Hidden Botanics.

Incorporating wildflowers into your retro flower arrangements introduces a hint of whimsy and a nod to the freedom, romance, and connection of the natural world. Including a mix of colors, shapes, and sizes can capture the essence of an era when wedding flowers were gathered from the fields. 


12. Daisies for Innocent Charm

Dried daisies vintage flower bouquet from Hidden Botanics.

Daisies, with their simple yet striking appearance, evoke a sense of innocence and purity. Not only do daisies bring a sense of joy and unfettered happiness to the design, but their bright white petals and sunny centers impart a cheerful touch to any vintage flower bouquet. 


13. Anemones for Bold Contrast

Anemones vintage bride bouquet from Hidden Botanics.

Anemones, particularly with their bold black centers, offer a sharp contrast to softer vintage hues. They can add a modern twist to a vintage arrangement without losing the overall antique feel, especially when paired with softer, romantic blooms.


14. Pampas Grass for Soft Drama

Pampas grass vintage flower arrangements from Hidden Botanics.

Pampas grass, with its tall, feathery plumes, introduces an element of drama and appeal to any design. Its neutral color palette and flowing texture make it perfect for creating a statement or imparting a touch of bohemian flair. 

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    15. Orchids for Exquisite Elegance

    Pink orchids vintage floral arrangements from Hidden Botanics.

    Orchids, with their diverse and different appearance, bring an air of elegance to any vintage wedding bouquet. Known for their delicate, sculptural design and array of colors, these floral varieties can impart an exotic and luxurious feel to your floral arrangement. 


    16. Dried Wheat for Rustic Beauty

    Dried wheat vintage flower arrangements for weddings from Hidden Botanics.

    Dried wheat has a unique texture and a warm, golden hue that contributes to the overall rustic appeal. Symbolizing abundance and fertility, it ties in beautifully with the theme of new beginnings and enduring love. Plus, its sturdy form and earthy color can anchor a bouquet, providing a contrast to more delicate blooms and adding a tactile element that invites touch. 


    Additional Elements for Vintage Flower Arrangements for Weddings

    When it comes to crafting the perfect vintage wedding bouquet, the devil is indeed in the details. Beyond the choice of flowers and colors, it's the additional elements that weave the magic, turning a simple arrangement into a deeply personal and historically rich masterpiece.

     Let's explore these finishing touches.



    Lace Details

    Adds a layer of delicate beauty and historical connection; it is ideal for wrapping stems or incorporating them into the bouquet.

    Heirloom Brooches

    Personalizes the design with sparkling history, connecting past and present loves.

    Velvet Ribbons

    Introduces luxury and rich texture, complementing the softness of the blooms.

    Pearl Pins/Strands

    Brings 1920s glamor and sophistication, subtly elevating the design's character.

    Antique Lockets

    Adds a personal and historical element with photos or mementos hidden within.

    Feather Accents

    Lends a soft, ethereal quality, nodding to the luxurious and exotic tastes of bygone eras.


    Offers a quirky charm, especially meaningful if sourced from family garments or collections.

    Handkerchief Wraps

    Provides a touch of nostalgia and practical beauty, wrapping stems with sentimental value.

    Old Book Pages

    Introduces whimsical appeal for literature lovers, with flowers or leaves crafted from old texts.


    Gives a country feel, ideal for rustic or bohemian themes with its earthy vibe.

    Wax Seals

    Evokes old-world correspondence, personalizing with meaningful symbols or initials.

    Silk Ribbons

    Adds refined luxury and movement, contrasting beautifully against the freshness of the blooms.


    Embrace Timeless Elegance With Vintage Wedding Bouquets From Hidden Botanics 

    Discover Hidden Botanics vintage wedding bouquets, the perfect blend of elegance and lasting beauty. Specializing in exquisite artificial and dried flower arrangements, we capture the essence of bygone romance, ensuring your bridal blooms remain a cherished keepsake long after your special day has passed.

    We understand that wedding planning can be a whirlwind of decisions and deadlines. That's why Hidden Botanics is dedicated to providing a seamless, stress-free service, promising personalized responses and custom quotes within 24 hours. Whether you're finalizing last-minute details or have been planning for months, our goal is to make your floral experience as effortless and enjoyable as possible.

    So, as you embark on your journey to the altar, let Hidden Botanics be your guide to the perfect vintage floral arrangements. Our commitment to elegance, longevity, and personalization ensures your wedding flowers will not only enhance the aesthetics of your day but become a lasting symbol of your love story. Explore our lookbook today and discover how we can make your day truly unforgettable.


    Final Thoughts

    Choosing vintage flowers for your wedding offers a journey back to the elegance of yesteryears. Each bloom and floral element in this guide weaves a narrative of romance, history, and everlasting beauty. Embrace the timelessness of dried florals and let your bouquet be a testament to a love that's as enduring as the flowers you hold.


    What is the most traditional wedding flower?

    The rose stands as the most traditional wedding flower, symbolizing love and beauty across various cultures. Its enduring elegance and wide range of colors make it a perennial favorite for bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and venue decorations.

    What is the number one wedding flower?

    Peonies often top the list as the number one wedding flower, beloved for their lush, voluminous blooms and sweet fragrance. They represent prosperity and romance, making them a sought-after choice for spring and early summer ceremonies.

    Which is the most photographed floral piece at a wedding?

    The bridal bouquet is the most photographed floral piece at a wedding, capturing the essence of the bride's personal style and the overall theme. It also serves as a central element of the bridal ensemble, making it a focal point in photos.

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