Boho wedding dresses are unique and beautiful - here’s 7 places to look to find the perfect one for you.


It’s not news that at Hidden Botanics we love boho style, especially when it comes to weddings. Boho weddings are a brilliant combination of trendy and unique, and the wedding dresses are no different. They break away from the traditional dress while being no less beautiful, often ethereal and fairytale-esque.

However. Because the traditional wedding still rules supreme, it is significantly easier for a bride-to-be to find a traditional wedding gown than it is for her to find a boho style wedding dress. But we’re here to help.

Hidden Botanics hasn’t just arranged a short list of places in the UK that sell boho dresses, but it’s a list of places in the UK that sell beautiful boho dresses that any bride will love!

Without further ado, read on, and hopefully your perfect wedding dress is already at one of these stores!


Love Spell - London & Surrey


Love Spell is a mostly online store, but it has appointment-only showrooms and studios in Central London and Guildford specifically for trying on their incredible range of gorgeous wedding dresses. They sell variety of handmade wedding gown styles sure to be perfect for any bride, but it’s their boho range where they really stand out. Their boho wedding dresses are absolutely magical and retain the wonderful regalness of more traditional gowns while still wholeheartedly embracing this alternative style. For brides looking for something even more alternative, Love Spell also sells two-piece bridal outfits and jumpsuits.

Have a look at their website, find a handful of dresses you love amongst their brilliant boho collection (it won’t be difficult, they’re all fantastic), then book an appointment in one of their studios to try on some gowns!

My immediate favourites are the Delphine, the Maeve and the Isla! Although even choosing those was hard!


Jill Jones Bridal - Antrim


This Northern Irish wedding shop sells a range of accessories and bridal jewellery in their online shop, but if you want to physically browse and try on their exquisite range of dresses from multiple renowned designers then you’ll have to visit them in their store in Northern Ireland. You can browse their stock online (try not to get too lost in it - some of it is exquisite!) and also use their website to book your 1-on-1 consultation!

While I have no doubt that any of the collections you’ll find at Jill Jones Bridal could perfectly accommodate a swathe of boho brides, in my opinion, it’s the collections by Madi Lane and Evie Young that most brilliantly balance the elegance of a wedding gown with the unique and stylish free spirit of boho-chic.

So have a browse! Arrange a visit! While I personally find myself most drawn to the gowns by Evie Young, you may find your perfect boho bridal dress is elsewhere!


Wilderness Bride - Manchester


Unsurprising given the name, but the handcrafted gowns sold by Wilderness Bride in Manchester city centre (within a converted industrial mill) are often influenced by nature, folklore, and classical literature. That’s brilliantly boho. Their range (which generally dances gracefully between boho and vintage styles) also extends into two-piece bridal outfits, veils, and bridal accessories, all similarly inspired by the natural world - like their Gertrude Headband, which is decorated with small metal flowers and leaves.

Their Fauna Dress is breathtaking with its simple, light design and a subtle leaf pattern. I also love their Femke Top with Asha Skirt combination bridal outfit, and am blown away by the Astrid Dress, which merges the celestial and the floral for the design on its mesh overlay.

As well as their main store, They also have an extensive Etsy which showcases some fabulous boho wedding dresses and bridal pieces that aren’t visible on their website.


Catherine Deane - London


If you can’t make it to their showroom in Metropolitan Wharf, Catherine Deane started doing virtual appointments during the pandemic that can be booked via their website.

Their boho collection is spellbinding, with my highlights being their Rosa, Rosari, and London, which are these incredible and distinctive gowns like nothing I’ve ever seen - which is part of the fun of shopping for a boho wedding dress. Catherine Deane epitomises the dress that stands out and apart from the crowd.

On their website, not only can you see their exquisite range of boho wedding gowns, but also read about how their business is working on becoming as sustainable as it can - only using biodegradable packaging, and the lining of their wedding dresses is anywhere from 60%-100% recycled. A portion of their profits also goes to The Unlimited Child initiative, and the brand has donated over $70,000, used to support more than 10,000 children.


Sister Organics - Online, Devon-based


If we’re talking about wedding dress shops that manage to be both beautifully boho and sustainable, it would be a crime to not mention one-woman-business Sister Organics, which uses exclusively sustainable and organic materials in their made-to-order dresses. Due to boho style’s connection to and affinity for nature, this sustainability should be a major draw for followers of the lifestyle.

That, and the dresses (and two-pieces) are affordable and fantastic.  Sister Organics’ style is more casual and festival than some of the other businesses featured in this list, but this just gives her pieces a distinctive boho feel. My personal favourites are the shorter Thea Dress, which is made from unbleached cotton and delicate lace, and the longer Rose Dress, with it’s simple design and pretty floral pattern.

Natalie (who runs Sister Organics) sells her dresses on both Etsy and her own personal website.


Maudika - Oxfordshire


A two-person duo of Maud in the UK who designs the dresses and Katerina in Bulgaria who makes them, Maudika don’t have a showroom, with face-to-face appointments taking place in Maud’s home studio in Banbury. 

One of the reasons Maudika is on this list is because they have designed one of my favourite wedding dresses I’ve ever seen, boho or no. Their Guinevere gown blows me away, merging boho and medieval to create a light and patterned lace dress that epitomises the very notion of a boho princess.


Seni Dey - Online, London-based


Although Seni Dey don’t have a physical location, that is no reason to discount them. They are able to send sample dresses for sizing concerns, fabric swatches to ensure quality materials, and their store features fully customisable made-to-order gowns, bridal wear, and accessories.

The Kalina is their most stunning boho dress, from the cosy-looking material, long sleeves, and gorgeous floral-patterned lace. It’s bold, distinctive, and unique.

While it may not be 100% boho, the Sequoia tulle top and the Sage skirt combo is both my favourite Seni Dey outfit and one of my favourite outfits on this list (so it had to be mentioned); an airy and delicate combo that moves past the fairytale bride into the realms of angelic.


We hope that introducing you to these wedding dress stores - which cover a myriad of bridal styles, boho and beyond - will help you find the perfect dress for your wedding!

If you’re looking to plan a boho wedding and need help with decor, then we’ve got also you covered.


And if you’re looking to accessorise your boho gown, or planning on selling it after the wedding, you can find out advice on those here and here.

But if you’re looking for the perfect bouquet or flower crown to go with your boho dress, then I’m going to direct you to our store, where we sell a wide range of predominantly-boho style dried floral arrangements. Not only are our pieces made-to-order with the option to order a custom arrangement, but because we use dried flowers, your bouquet will last long after your wedding, and will be able to be displayed for much longer than a fresh flower alternative would be able to.

If you’re unsure, you can see the pictures and feedback of the brides who have shopped with us on our instagram, @hiddenbotanics.


Alex x

May 04, 2022 — Cagla Cantimur

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