Autumn is a gorgeous season, and a beautiful time to get married - but how can you use your wedding colours to best complement the time of year?

First of all, congrats on getting engaged! Excited for the wedding?

You’ve picked a great time of year for it, autumn is full of change, growth, and renewal. A wedding embodies so much beautiful change as you and your partner embark on a new adventure, your new lives together, on a beautiful autumn day. Two people are adding another milestone to their lives and dedicating themselves wholeheartedly to each other. It’s beautiful.

Let's give you some colour inspiration for your big day, shall we?


1. Terracotta - Pastel Mustard - Sage Green

This is one of my personal favourite combos! You have the warmth from the terracotta, a neutral blend from the pastel mustards and creams, and that lush sage green that perfectly rounds everything up.


You can check out our green collection here.

You can check out our green collection here.

2. All Shades of Green

One big advantage of having an Autumn wedding is that nature's colors are already on your side. Falling leaves are a crisp yellow, some red still on the trees, the sky is a tranquil pale blue. You can use an all green pallet to balance everything out. By keeping it neutral, you let nature be your colour designer.

Check out our colourful collection here.

Check out our colourful collection here.

3. A Pastel Mix for Colourful Souls

It’s your day! As the colourful soul queen of your wedding, this is your moment to show your true colours. Make sure to keep to pastel tones to avoid clashing. Purples, oranges, pale reds, pinks and mauves will all go amazingly well together.

You can check out our grey collection here.

You can check out our grey collection here.

4. Grey - Terracotta - Orange

Grey is an excellent tone balancer for autumn weddings. If you are a neutral colour lover like myself but you want to insert more colours into your autumn wedding, grey can really help balance it all out. Use it in small details, table decorations, invitations, aisle pieces, accenting. I promise, you will love the end result.

Check out our pampas grass selection here.

Check out our pampas grass selection here.

5. All Neutrals

Time to go back to basics. You can’t go wrong with an all neutral colour combination in any season. Whites, creams, beiges and just a little bit of coffee. Pampas grass is a perfect companion to this kind of colour scheme.



You made it to the end of this post, thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed! You can always shoot me a message on instagram at @hiddenbotanics as I would love to answer any questions you may have, whether it be help with wedding flowers or colours, or a combination of the two!


Stay floral!

Cagla x

May 09, 2022 — Cagla Cantimur

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