Getting ready for your big day means ticking off a lot of exciting to-dos, and sending out your wedding invitations is definitely one of the highlights. It's your chance to give everyone a little sneak peek of the celebration to come. But when should you send them to make sure everyone can make it? From save the dates to the main invitations, we've created the perfect wedding invite timeline to help you plan it perfectly. 

Let’s dive into the world of wedding invites and make sure your guests are as ready for your big day as you are!

When to Send Out Save the Dates

Save the dates are like the warm-up act to your wedding invitations. They're the first hint you send out to your guests about the big day, giving them a heads-up to mark their calendars. Think of them as a pre-invite, less formal but just as important.

So, when's the best time to send these out? Aim for about six to eight months before your special day. This gives your invitees plenty of time to plan, especially if they need to book flights or arrange time off work. If you're planning a wedding abroad or during peak holiday times, bump that up to even nine months to a year in advance. It's all about giving your loved ones enough notice to ensure they can be there to celebrate with you.

Bonus Tip: Save the dates are the perfect chance to get creative with your theme. 

When Should Wedding Invitations Be Sent Out

After setting the stage with your save the dates, it's time for the main act – the wedding invitations. These are more detailed and formal, providing all the information needed for your special day. But when should they make their way to mailboxes?

The sweet spot for sending out wedding invitations is typically about two to three months before the event. This timing strikes a perfect balance – it's close enough that your big day is on everyone's mind but far enough to allow for RSVPs and any final adjustments in your planning.

However, if you're hosting a destination wedding, consider sending them out a bit earlier, around three to four months in advance. This extra time is a courtesy to your guests, giving them a longer window to book travel and accommodation.

What to Include in Wedding Invitations

Before you seal those envelopes and send out the invites, here's a quick checklist to ensure you’ve got all the important information. 

  • Double-Check the Details: Go over the date, time, and location on your invitation. It might seem obvious, but it's easy to overlook a small typo that can cause big confusion.
  • Review the RSVP Information: Make sure the RSVP instructions are clear. Whether it's a return card, an email address, or a website, your guests should know exactly how to respond.
  • Verify Guest Names and Addresses: Ensure that you have the correct names and addresses for all your guests. A misspelled name or wrong address can lead to undelivered invitations and potential misunderstandings.
  • Include Necessary Additional Information: Think about directions, accommodation options, dress code, or any other details that will help your guests prepare for your big day.

When Should Your RSVP Deadline Be for Your Wedding?

The RSVP deadline is not just about knowing who's coming; it's about finalizing details that hinge on headcounts – like catering, seating, and sometimes even accommodation. So, setting the right deadline is key to keeping your planning on track.

A good rule of thumb is to set your RSVP deadline for about three to four weeks before your special day. This time frame gives you a cushion to chase up any late responses and finalize your numbers with vendors. Also, for destination weddings, consider setting an earlier deadline. Since these events require more planning for both you and your attendees, having a clear picture of who can attend sooner rather than later helps everyone involved.

Bonus Tip: Remember, your RSVP date should be clearly stated on your invitation. A little nudge in the form of a friendly reminder, either through a follow-up message, can also be helpful for those who might need an extra prompt.

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Closing Thoughts

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to invitations and save-the-dates. Sending them out at the right moment ensures your loved ones can join in celebrating your special day. Whether it's the early heads-up with save the dates or the detailed charm of your wedding invitations, each step plays a crucial role in building the excitement.

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