Your anniversary is coming up and you want to right flower to get your spouse. Read this and you’re all set.

Here at Hidden Botanics a lot of the dried floral arrangements we do are for weddings, be they bouquets, flower crowns, or something else entirely. We cater to any needs a bride may have on her special day.

However, the wedding day is not the last opportunity to display your love for your partner with flowers! The most obvious anniversary associations are those we are all familiar with: the 1st is paper, the 10th is tin, 15th is crystal, all the way up to 50th being gold, and 60th being your diamond anniversary. However, these aren’t all there is to it. Each anniversary also has a flower (or sometimes multiple flowers) attached to it. Give your partner the romantic gift they deserve by giving them the flower that commemorates your years together.

Many of the flowers below are available as part of Hidden Botanics dried or artificial floral arrangements, browse our stop and see if anything perfect for your partner (or yourself, we won’t tell) catches your eye!

1st Anniversary: Carnations or Pansies

2nd Anniversary: Cosmos or Lily of the Valley

3rd Anniversary: Sunflowers or Fuchsia

4th Anniversary: Geraniums

5th Anniversary: Daisies

6th Anniversary: Calla Lilies 

7th Anniversary: Jack-in-the-Pulpits or Freesias

8th Anniversary: Clematises or Lilacs

9th Anniversary: Poppies or Bird of Paradises

10th Anniversary: Daffodils

11th Anniversary: Morning Glories or Tulips

12th Anniversary: Peonies

13th Anniversary: Hollyhocks or Chrysanthemums

14th Anniversary: Dahlias or Orchids

15th Anniversary: Roses

20th Anniversary: Asters or Daylilies

25th Anniversary: Irises

28th Anniversary: Orchids

30th Anniversary: Sweet Peas or Lilies

40th Anniversary: Gladiolas or Nasturtiums

50th Anniversary: Yellow Roses & Violets


We understand that this is a very big checklist of flowers, and may seem daunting to those only buying carnations or sunflowers for their partner, but that just means you have many happy years (and beautiful flowers) ahead of you!


If you’re looking for an arrangement that will stand out and outlast just your anniversary evening, Hidden Botanics has you covered with our gorgeous collection of dried or artificial floral arrangements that are guaranteed to make your partner smile!

Have a look at our store to see what we have on offer!



Alex x

May 09, 2022 — Cagla Cantimur

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