There’s more to play for than just longevity in the rivalry between dried and fresh flowers.

Okay, yes. We, Hidden Botanics, a company that makes and sells dried floral arrangements, are writing a post about the benefits of dried flowers. We’re not biased, promise. You’ll have to take our word for it.

Wanting the best type of flowers because flowers are the best.

I don’t think that there’s much debate about the beauty of flowers, it’s been written about endlessly in poetry and plays, you give them to a person to show them how you feel, a bride clutches a bouquet on her wedding day, etc.

They are a surefire way to brighten up a room, filling it with that sweet floral scene, and gorgeous natural colours. The only problem is that fresh flowers aren’t made to last, so their beauty vanishes quickly - after not even two weeks, they’re either gone, and you’ve lost a piece of decor, or you’ve replaced them, and eventually the cost of consistently keeping flowers on display is going to rack up.

That’s the first point in dried flowers’ favour. Dried flowers last significantly longer than fresh flowers. While you would be replacing fresh flowers every week or so, well cared for dried flowers can last years! Not only is this easier on your wallet, and less of a faff, but it’s certainly more sustainable: say your dried flowers only last for one year (when they often last much longer), to keep fresh flowers as part of your decor in the same way, you would need to replace wilting flowers roughly 30-50 times! 

An added bonus to this is that because they last so long, dried flowers are not beholden to being “in season” in the same way that fresh flowers are. No need to wait for a dried rose to bloom because it did it months and months ago and still looks just as good!

Dried flowers are beautiful, easily maintained, decor.

Another treat is that dried flowers don’t need to be watered. While sure, you may need to get rid of any dust that accumulates and be careful with them because they can be delicate, they require much less upkeep and maintenance than fresh flowers. Not only does this save you the guilt of trying to remember how many days it has been since you last replaced the water in the vase, but because dried flowers don’t need a source of water, you can be more versatile when it comes to using them as decor. There is significantly more creativity open to you with dried flowers as opposed to fresh.

Despite all this, dried flowers are just as beautiful and varied as their fresh alternatives. If you’re looking at Hidden Botanics’ range of dried floral arrangements (okay, maybe we are a bit biased) you’ll see a range of species and colours and styles, having retained a vibrant colour and fragrance in the drying process.


If we’ve managed to win you over (go on, admit it, you’re a little convinced), then you may be in the market for a new dried floral arrangement - be that for home decor, or as a bride-to-be weighing up choosing a dried vs a fresh bouquet - in which case, check out Hidden Botanics’ Etsy Store for a great range of products!

Alternatively, check out our Wholesale Site.

Alex x

May 09, 2022 — Cagla Cantimur

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