The popularity of boho-style weddings is increasing, and if you’ve got the white dress but are unsure what the next step is, keep reading.

You’re getting married! CONGRATULATIONS!

You’ve already got the dress (it looks gorgeous, by the way, very you), and you’re planning to take advantage of that beautiful boho-chic trend that’s been going around and you’re looking for ways to style yourself as the ultimate boho bride. Hidden Botanics has you covered. Below are just a handful of ways brides can accessorise on their wedding days to show off their true, free-spirited selves as much as possible!

1. Wear a Flower Crown

Not only do they bring the beauty of nature to the forefront of your wedding look, but the great thing about flower crowns is that there’s so many options. With a range of flower choices, combinations and colours, they’re the ultimate way to express yourself on your special day!

Whether you’re looking for a crown, some inspiration, or maybe aiming to order something custom, check out Hidden Botanics’ range of dried floral crowns here. We use a wide range of flowers in our pieces, and the great thing about dried flowers is that they are made to last, so won’t be already starting to wilt only a week after you’ve tied the knot!

Alternatively, for the brides wanting a more subtle floral headpiece, we also have a collection of hair pins you can check out here.


2. Ditch the Heels for Sandals

Throwing a wedding can be a stressful enough ordeal, so why add to that by making your ankles ache in a (admittedly gorgeous) pair of heels! You’re on your feet all day, so why not let yourself be comfy? 

Boho is all about expressing personal freedom and allowing yourself to relax. A fashionable flat sandal - perhaps something leather or a vegan alternative - may be the perfect thing to help you embrace the bohemian attitude as you prepare to embark on this new adventure with your partner.

If you’re opting for an outside wedding, it’s much easier to feel at one with nature in a sandal as opposed to high heels (and not to mention easier to walk over natural, uneven surfaces)!


3. The Boho Bouquet

Just as with the flower crown, the unending combinations of flowers mean a bride’s bouquet is ripe for personalisation and self-expression, and it’s a great way to make it clear that this wedding is more than just the tried, tested, and traditional.

If you’re wanting to ditch the conventional bouquets, why not pick a piece incorporating flowers of a more natural boho aesthetic? You could be making your way down the aisle with a gorgeous collection of wildflowers, grasses, eucalyptus, maybe even some pampas grass!

Hidden Botanics’ range of wedding bouquets (found here) is unapologetically boho, whether your eye is caught by one of our range or whether you want something custom to make your special day that little bit more unique.


We hope this short list of tips has been helpful! Regardless, never forget that you’re the one getting married. This is your day. So boho or no, make sure that you don’t stop yourself from letting your personality shine from every feature, be that what you wear, what location you’ve chosen, or how you decorate the venue. Your wedding is a day to be unapologetically you!



Alex x

May 09, 2022 — Cagla Cantimur

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