Your wedding rings are worn by you and your partner to represent the fact that you are wholly committed to each other and intend to spend the rest of your lives together. You may, then, feel like you want something a bit more unique and personal than the traditional plain gold ring. Something a bit more you and your partner.

It’s a choice more and more couples are going for, seeking ways to personalise their weddings. Matching rings are even not as common as they once were, with some couples opting for a unique wedding ring each, which is more representative of their style and personality.

If you’re interested in exploring this world of alternative wedding rings (or, depending on who you ask, unusual wedding rings), then I hope you enjoy this blog, where I’ve assembled some of my favourite wedding rings that I’ve seen recently!

1. Star Map Wedding Bands

What better way to immortalise your and your partner’s union as with a personalised star map wedding ring? You can choose any date and time important to you both - options ranging from the day you met, the day you got engaged to even, preemptively, your upcoming wedding day.

It’s such a sweet idea!

With these elegant rings by Isabella Day (that come in a variety of metals/colours) not only will you be able to look at these rings and remember the promise you made to your partner, but they will remind you of a specific moment of happiness and love.

If you or your partner have attachments and are invested in astronomy or astrology, the stars and constellations on these rings make them perfect for the pair of you!.

Plus, they look really cool.

2. Silver Interlocking Rings

The concept of wedding rings that fit together is so romantic!

Just as you and your partner are joining and becoming one, so your wedding ring is two halves of a whole.

The texture and mountain motif of these silver rings by FireWhite in Glasgow adds this gorgeous rustic nature to them that has so much more personality behind it than the tried and tested plain and smooth gold. It’s not an aesthetic that will suit every couple, but I sure love it.

These rings would be perfect for a couple that loves exploring the wilderness and has a deep appreciation for the natural world.

3. Matching Tree Bark Wedding Bands

Like the previous, I really love this ring set’s rustic and natural aesthetic. While these are more similar to the traditional wedding band, being gold and with a more subtle alternative design than the other two options, I think it is this subtly that really draws me to these rings by Silver Jewelry Spot from Greece.

The difference in texture is striking and beautiful, and sure to be loved by any couple in tune with the natural world!

I think they would in particular really suit the boho chic style that has been growing in popularity in recent years, I can see the woman’s band suiting a boho wedding dress perfectly!

4. Rose Gold Black and Bright Celtic Wedding Rings Set

These “fit together” in a very different way to the earlier interlocking rings, but the inside-out nature of this “his & hers” set is beautiful. The uneven and meteoric texture of the man’s black wedding ring is eye-catching on its own, but paired with the twisting and bright woman’s ring you have a really fantastic pair of rings perfect for any wedding.

This set is available from Averie Jewelry in multiple colours, but I think the white gold combo is the most striking!

5. Carbon Fibre and Rose Gold Wedding Ring

This wedding ring is sleek and elegant, with the bold charcoal of the main body very different from the archetypal - and its contrast with the rose gold stripe sure to stand out on anyone’s finger.

On the website, it appears that not only can the type of metal for the stripe be changed to suit the wedding couple’s preference, but the location of the stripe - and thus the overall effect of the ring - can also be modified

While I believe this ring is more intended for a husband specifically as opposed to being worn by both spouses because of its more brutalist style, I definitely think that this handmade creation by Anthony Alferev would be just as amazing on a wife’s ring finger too. But that’s the great thing about this alternative wedding ring movement, a wedding couple can mix and match rings, sliding similar pieces on each other’s finger after saying their vows, or radically different ones!

6. Braided Gold Wedding Band

This gold ring - if the reference on the Etsy page itself is to be believed, is taking inspiration from the traditional Celtic knotwork, and would be brilliant for any bride, due to its balancing refinement and subtlety.

As well as fitting perfectly into a traditional Celtic wedding setting, I also think it would be well-matched with the boho-chic wedding dresses that have become more and more popular as this style has achieved prominence in recent years.

Like the tree bark set, it is the slight variation on the common plain gold wedding band that really makes this piece by Maya Mor something special.


7. Tree of Life Engaged Rings

While the previous ring was merely Celtic-inspired, and felt as if it verged on a boho aesthetic, this set decidedly does not, depicting the Celtic symbol of the tree of life - now commonly associated with Ireland - across both rings (the branches and leaves on one, the roots on the other).

There is something truly fantastic about the intricate engraving of the divided tree in this set, and I am certain both the smooth and textured finish that Lunaris Jewels have made available for this set would make for a brilliant pair of wedding rings.


8. Leaf Pattern Band

In keeping with the natural connotations of the tree of life, this distinctive ring from Linda Stella in the US would be perfect for the bride, groom, or both, who want to show that their connection to the natural world is as strong as their connection to their new spouse.

As well as the bold leaf shaping of the ring, couples are also able to get an engraving on the inside of this wedding band if they are looking to further commemorate their marriage!


These were just a few alternative and unusual wedding rings that caught our eye recently, and even if none of them in particular are what you and your future spouse are looking for, we hope that seeing the variance on the wedding ring that is out there can be a source of inspiration for looking for your own alternative that can let your and your partner’s personality’s shine!

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