Wondering what to do with dried flowers? Don’t worry. There’s options.

Dried flowers are a must-have of contemporary decor and interior design. They’re growing in popularity not just because of their beauty, but because of how long they last compared to fresh flowers, their versatility, and their low level of required maintenance. It helps that compared to constantly re-stocking a vase with fresh flowers, a one-off purchase of dried flowers is much more affordable.

For those wanting to get in on the trend but unsure what exactly to do with your dried flowers (or how to display them) we’ve assembled 4 suggestions to get you started. We’ve tried to cover a good range of different starting points for displaying dried flowers, so see what stands out and inspires you!


Alright, yes. I know what you’re thinking. “Flowers in a vase” is hardly a revolutionary idea. No doubt you’ve thought about this one already. That’s why it’s first on the the list. It bears reminding that dried flowers are still… you know, flowers. Before we suggest anything a bit more out there, it’s important to lay the groundwork that basically every way you could want to display fresh flowers is a technique you could use on your dried flowers (except you will be able to display the latter for significantly longer).

You can use a standard classic vase and have a bouquet that will likely last for years, but for dried flowers why not try something different?

With dried flowers being wrapped up prominently in boho decor, maybe it’s time to get more adventurous with what you display your flowers in? If you’re certain on sticking with vases, then investigate how your dried flowers would look in a vase that takes inspiration from the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, or the recent interior design trend of japandi. Both styles are gorgeous enough on their own, but would be well complemented with dried flowers, which as we’ve said have lent into a more boho chic style using pampas grass and wildflowers.

We spoke of versatility earlier, so bear in mind that whatever “vase” you use doesn’t actually need to be a vase, per se. With no need to give them any amount of water regularly, the containers you display your dried flowers in can be much more varied. You will find something that would be considered impractical for fresh flowers is often perfectly fine for dried.

Maybe you have a container made of straw they would be perfect in, or a jug, or some third thing that is decidedly-not-a-vase but that we didn’t think of. Go wild.

Pressed Flowers Between Glass

To go in a direction completely different to the last option: dried flowers can also look beautiful when pressed and framed. Maybe that empty patch of wall you’ve been wondering what to do with would be a good fit? This method takes up less 3D space and allows your dried flowers to be displayed akin to a piece of 2D art like a painting or drawing. Very modern. Very chic. Very stylish.

It’s a completely different medium for displaying flowers. You’re working with arrangement in a very different sense and also having to take into account the shape and size of the glass you’re keeping the flattened flowers between.

We’ve already covered how to press flowers elsewhere on this blog, so why not investigate this method? Personally, the idea of seeing pressed flowers in glass hanging in glass on someone’s wall sounds pretty suave to me.

Floral Wreaths

Another option for hanging flowers somewhere around your home is the classic floral wreath. Closely associated with the festive season, but still usable all year round and would perhaps look quite fetching in your living room? A wreath is a good mix of the practicality of the 2D pressed flowers, but with the life and statement of the 3D dried flowers in the vase. It allows you to have your flowers hung up so they won’t steal table space or potentially get in the way, but while the blooms still retain their full physical beauty and shape without being flattened.

It’s a good option if you did think “yeah that spot on the wall would look fantastic with flowers there” but didn’t want the “squashing” a pressed flower piece would demand. Interweave a selection of dried flowers into a beautiful pattern.

A recent emergent of this type of arrangement is the hoop wreaths, which have ridden the wave of boho chic to prominence. They allow for a much subtler piece which may not feel as seasonal as a more traditional full wreath.

Wreaths also come in all shapes and sizes, when you’re styling your dried flowers there’s nothing to stop you improvising, trying out something more square or even triangular. Just because circular is the standard doesn’t mean it’s something you have to stick to.


This one may be technically cheating because this article opened talking about decor and interior design, but dried flowers are perfect for apparel! If you’re going to show off your dried flowers, why not show them off on yourself? Why should your home be the only one looking better because of your flowers?

Like an afterschool special, in this section we can use what we learnt previously. Obviously it would be smaller than any pressed flowers you would hang in your home, but one bloom could be pressed between two smaller pieces of glass and turned into a pretty necklace, and the line between a wreath and a flower crown is an easy one to cross. If you’re wanting something a little more subtle than a full crown, a hairpin with a dried flower attachment could be just the thing. Whether you’re wanting to appear subtly fairylike with some baby’s breath behind your ear, to exude summer warmth with a sunflower, or become downright romantic with a rose in your hair.

If neither of those are quite your speed, you could also attach your dried flowers to a hat - or perhaps a bag - using the colours to add that little bit of rustic uniqueness to your style! 


Hopefully one of these (if not more) has helped inspire you to make the most of your dried flowers! Like we said at the beginning, this was just a starting off point - not an expansive list - so if you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for when it came to what to do with dried flowers, then that’s no reason to swear off the preserved blooms just yet!

If you’re looking for inspiration on what to do with your dried flowers - or thinking about ordering some - the Hidden Botanics store offers a wide range of pieces similar to those we have talked about. Or visit our wholesale store if you want to be the one to do the arranging!

May 09, 2022 — Cagla Cantimur

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