Boho-chic weddings are opportuntities to express yourself in a unique and stylish way. Here’s some ideas to make the most of your boho wedding decor.

Boho-chic is taking the wedding industry by storm. More brides are deciding to go boho every year. It makes sense - it’s a style that prizes human freedom and a connection to the natural world. Who’s gonna turn that down? Only problem is: when you’re planning a wedding not in the traditional style and are trying to make it your own - how do you know how to decorate it?

This blog post has you covered, with 11 ideas for boho wedding decor that you, your partner and your guests will love! 

There’s no reason to let yourself be restricted to what people have been already doing for decades - this is your wedding, so you should personalise it and make it unique however you both please!


1. Hanging Floral Arrangements

The bride carries a bouquet. The groom has a boutonniere. The bridesmaids might have flowers. There may be flowers running up and down the aisles.

Here’s an extra twist: what could be better for a wedding in a style all about connecting to nature and having the wilderness around you as you marry the one you love than properly feeling amongst the flowers? Moving between them, seeing them streaming down from above you? I don’t know what you think, but that sounds gorgeous to me.

You could have vertical floral arrangements hanging down from the ceiling - or, if it is a garden wedding, they could be hanging from trees.

Nature is always a prime feature in boho weddings (even those that aren’t outside!) and this is a fun tradition-breaking way to make flowers an even more present part of your special day.


2. Candlelit Wonderland

Depending on the time of day of your ceremony or reception, the effects of this may vary, but I’m imagining an outdoor reception where the sun starts to set, and surrounding and amongst everyone are little flames twinkling like stars. Raised to multiple levels. A wonderful orange glow across your friends’ and families’ faces as they have their dessert and continue to drink well into the night.

I can think of few things better.

Having the candles scented is also a quaint idea, with your wedding now making the most of your guests’ senses and helping them have a great night!


3. Geometrical Backdrop/Altar

While there are occasionally moments where it strikes me as odd that such a freeform and nature-appreciating style like boho frequently uses solid and angular geometric shapes as a backdrop or altar for weddings... there’s something just so right about it. Maybe it’s because it stands out but seeing teepee, square, polygonal backdrops - often made out of wood and wrapped in dangling flowers and leaves - just feels so elegant and charming.

It breaks apart from wedding traditions and looks good doing it.

While most of the examples you will see of this trend are at outdoor garden weddings (where it acts to frame the surrounding environment), I see absolutely no reason something as cool as this wouldn’t work just as well inside (especially if there’s still flowers and ferns and vines strewn across it).


4. Hanging Lanterns

Similar to the candles, this one is rather dependent on the time of day the wedding takes place during - but just imagine it?

I can’t fully explain why, but my mind is picturing a wedding amongst the trees, and as the sun sets, all these beautiful lanterns - maybe paper, but wicker would also be fantastic - start to light up and surround the wedding and all attendees.

It would feel totally magical! Almost like a fairytale. And isn’t that sort of how it should feel when you get married?

Alternatively - what if instead of flowers, the bridesmaids were all carrying pretty paper lanterns down the aisle? Or maybe you say your vows in partial darkness, surrounded and covered by flickering lights from hanging lanterns.


5. Succulents and Cacti

One great way to set your boho wedding apart from the more traditional and standard wedding is to not just build on the archetypal ceremony, but also to reinterpret it and add a twist to it!

Why should flowers alone get the reputation of being the most beautiful plantlife?

Succulents come in so many magnificent different shapes and colours, all while being compact and often cute. Nestle them amongst your guests during the ceremony or reception, or maybe have them as wedding favours. Either way, brilliant!

Cacti are similar, although they have a bit more of a bite than succulents, they are no less beautiful and cute, and would show that your wedding isn’t like the others people will have been to before where there were ordinary flowers like roses and lilies.

Wedding flowers? No no no. You’ve got a wedding cactus. That’s the way the wind is blowing.


6. Tented Space

Along with the rise of boho, the amount of people “glamping” has also risen sharply in the last few years. Why not embrace this, too? As part of your set-up, a gorgeous and nomadic-style tent where people can relax between dancing and drinks and celebrations sounds ideal. Rugs can be strewn on the floor leading from the tent to the grass. Seating and tables to sit at take the wilderness in.

If you’re having a destination wedding, why not have your guests staying in luxurious tents for the weekend?

Sounds perfectly boho to me!


7. Mix & Match decor

To really add that original and creative feel that boho does so well, why does your boho chic decor have to all be identical?

Obviously there’s a fine line between eclectic and messy, but the idea of everyone having different chairs or glasses or cutlery sounds like it would be brilliant fun!

As hard as it may be, keep the chaos controlled (to keep intentionality clear) - sticking to either same colour but different shapes or vice versa, and not everything has to be mismatched - just to prevent it going too off the deep end, but people will love the unique and unusual nature of this decor setup. They may even come to appreciate their chair more for being different to those around them, as opposed to the standard wooden affair.

Have some fun with this one! It’ll be a grand surprise once the guests are getting to their seats.


8. Fairy Lights

Having the ceremony or reception inside, but still want that feeling of gazing up at the night sky while you get married?

String up little fairy lights all across the ceiling and now anytime someone looks up - I reckon you’ll hear more than one gasp followed by “oh my goodness look at that!” as people point to it.

It’s perfect for a nighttime-esque boho wedding!

Alternatively, you could have the lights woven in between the chairs, running down the centre of the tables, hanging vertically from the ceiling like fireflies, nestled amongst all the flowers.

There’s so many options and they all have the chance to be utterly spellbinding.


9. Boho Rugs

Boho-style rugs are absolutely iconic - and who’s to stop you from having them across the floor at your wedding? They’d be perfect if you needed a more solid surface for walking on during an outdoor wedding - especially for those in heels!

The colours and patterns will clearly set your wedding apart from tradition and make it into something memorable.


10. Pampas Grass

It’s no surprise to those already familiar with us here at Hidden Botanics, but we love pampas grass. It’s so brilliantly boho and would make a fantastic decoration to be placed throughout your wedding.

It’s versatile and lush. Fluffy and elegant. A little bit playful.

Some brides even have it in their bouquets.

And when we talk about how beautiful it is once you dye it, we get onto what really makes it special. I can’t think of any reason why it shouldn’t be a feature somewhere in your boho wedding!


11. Plush floor seating

At a Sikh wedding, it is the norm for - instead of sitting on chairs - the wedding guests to be sat on plush seating on the floor. These flat but soft platforms have also started to make appearances at boho weddings.

If you’re looking to embrace the unique, why not make use of plush seating? Whether for the ceremony itself, or to have a reception a little closer to the ground, this is a fun alternative to the traditional wedding your guests are sure to love - and probably haven’t experienced before!


Even if you haven’t read anything here that’s exactly what you want your special day to be like, don’t fret!

It’s been said a few times in this blog post, but boho is all about human freedom and appreciating the natural world, and if you have a fun new thing you want to try for your wedding you should go for it!

Once again, it’s your day, and boho is your chance to make it so! Personalise the proceedings in any way you wish, and add things even we didn’t think to put here. Don’t let yourself be held back!

Hopefully some of these ideas have helped you with planning your own boho wedding. We hope that it’s a lovely day!

If you’re currently planning your boho wedding and looking for bridal bouquets, centerpiece floral arrangements, and floral hair pieces, then Hidden Botanics has you covered! Not only do we cater to a wide array of boho styles, we also do custom pieces, are working towards becoming 100% sustainable, have express delivery, and, because our arrangements are all gorgeous dried flowers, they’ll last significantly longer than fresh flower alternatives, so you can keep enjoying your wedding bouquet for years to come! Find our Etsy store here, or check out all the beautiful boho brides who’ve had our flowers at their weddings on our instagram, @hiddenbotanics!

Alex x

May 05, 2022 — Cagla Cantimur

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