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Have a look at our 'How to choose your wedding flowers' e-book to get a jumpstart on the planning!

How to choose your wedding flowers

The most popular floristry trend this year is dried flowers. It's time to shake off their ragged appearance and fall in love with the sunbleached colours and textured diversity. Dried flowers work well in both antique and modern weddings, and combining long-lasting botanicals, dried grasses, seed pods, and exotic blossoms into your wedding décor can be very impressive.

While dried flowers are less aromatic than their fresh counterparts, they have lovely subdued and warm tones, as well as a limitless variety of shapes and textures.

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How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers

Even if trends come and go flowers remain a vital part of weddings for a reason. They allow you to show your particular flair and originality as well as being beautiful to look at (and a centuries-old wedding custom). If you don't know where to start or how to choose wdding flowers, the process may feel more onerous than you'd want. But no worries, we created this e-book just for you!

Easy Way Into Colour Themes

Your colour palette --especially the colours of the wedding flowers-- can establish the tone for your whole celebration, whether you are getting married on a rooftop in Dallas or in a church in Devon. Look no further than this guide to get started!

Trending Bouquet Shapes

In addition to your bouquet colour palette and any favourite flowers you might want to incorporate, one of the things that you have to discuss while picking your wdeding bouquet is the bouquet's form. The form of it should complement your gown, enhance the overall design of your wedding, and allow for a really ditinctive aesthetic that reflects your individuality.

Get to know me

You may know me from my boho etsy bestselling dried flower bouquets or from the story of how me and Mert, moved to UK from Turkey to start our floral design business. I started playing with flowers back in 2016 after graduation, started my etsy in late 2018. I design floral collections every season and sometimes little bonus collections in between for Hidden Botanics. My mediums are dried, preserved and artificial flowers. So far I worked on so many floral themes my brand signature feels like a modern, wabi-sabi twisted asymmetrical floral designs.

Can't decide ?
Get your free e-book now!

Have a look at our 'How to choose your wedding flowers' e-book to get a jumpstart on the planning!

Get your FREE e-book now!

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