As certifiable dried flower enthusiasts, let Hidden Botanics explain the quick and easy process of how to clean dried flowers.

A familiar dilemma. You’ve got a beautiful floral arrangement made of dried flowers somewhere in your home - it’s gorgeous, maybe it was once your wedding bouquet. They’re a great choice for decoration, as they last much longer than traditional fresh flowers, all while retaining colour and fragrance. The only problem is, yours is starting to look a little dusty. What’s to be done?

Getting rid of the dust (in a way that doesn’t send it all over the carpet)

The first thing you’ll want is to take the arrangement outside - or take it to a table or contained area that you won’t mind getting dirty or has an easy way to collect the dust (like into a plastic bag) - as you won’t want to simply be getting the dust off of your floral arrangement and onto your carpet.

Carefully wielding a hair dryer is all it takes

You will also need a hair dryer - if you’re headed outside, this may require an extension cable. Set the hair dryer to the lowest and coolest setting strength.

If applicable, you may want to separate the flower stems as much as possible, just to catch any dust hiding in nooks and crannies.

Hold the hair dryer approximately 10 inches away from the flowers and turn it on, directing the air into the flowers, beginning at the top of the arrangement and working your way down. Move the dryer around the arrangement in order to get rid of the dust on all sides of the arrangement.

No hair dryer? No problem.

If you don’t have a hair dryer handy, or you lack the extension cord to make taking it outside viable, you can also use a real-feather duster to sweep away any dust that may have accumulated in your flowers.

Another alternative is to use the canned air commonly used when cleaning keyboards. Use short, careful bursts in order to not damage the flowers.

Fair Warning: in order to prevent damaging the dried flowers as much as possible, avoid handling the arrangement any more than necessary.

Voila! Your dried floral arrangement is looking good as new once again - and because they’re dried flowers, they’ll continue to look good for years, with dried flower arrangements from Hidden Botanics keeping their colour and scent long after fresh flowers would have wilted away!


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May 09, 2022 — Cagla Cantimur

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