Don’t understimate the importance of your wedding flowers. When you’re walking down the aisle, you want to be holding something beautiful.

Brides have carried flowers on their weddings since ancient Rome, and in the Middle Ages it was not uncommon for a woman to walk down the aisle holding strong-smelling herbs and spices to ward off evil spirits (oddly, garlic was a regular feature). However, it was Queen Victoria that popularised the modern bridal bouquet when she married Prince Albert in 1840 and carried what was at the time known as a “tussie-mussie”.

Nowadays, brides are less concerned with warding off evil spirits (garlic in a bouquet has fallen quite out of fashion) and the phrase “tussie-mussie” elicits mostly confusion, however the tradition of the wedding bouquets remains strong. They’re an iconic part of the ceremony, and will be featured in many of your wedding photos, so you definitely want to make sure get the right one - but how should a bride-to-be assemble their perfect bouquet?

The Style of Wedding

Different wedding trends and themes bring with them different styles of bouquets containing different flowers. For example, if you and your future spouse are fans of the ever-popular “boho wedding”, then a less-traditional bridal bouquet - maybe containing wildflowers and pampas grass - is a must!

It’s not just the style of the wedding overrall, a bride must also consider whether a bouquet is well-suited to the wedding dress she has chosen. Simple bouquets will better complement intricate dresses, and vice versa.


Colour Scheme

Perhaps one of the more obvious aspects to consider, but well worth saying anyway. Knowing the colour combinations you and your partner will be working with on your special day can really help narrow down what flowers to have in your bouquet - parts of the arrangement could match with a groom’s tie, the various decorations - take any opportunity to coordinate your bouquet with the rest of the event.

Choosing Flowers Based on What They Mean

The language of flowers is rich and historied, with the bundles known as “tussie-mussies” that we learnt about earlier being often used to send floral messages - such as ordering a friend blue salvias to let someone know you’re thinking of them. Understanding what kind of message you want to send with your bouquet can be a great help when deciding which flowers to include or avoid. Red roses are already well known as symbols for love and romance, but there’s also baby’s breath, which represents innocence and everlasting love. Both would be optimal choices, whereas yellow carnations, which stand for “disdain” and “rejection” would be an odd selection, to be sure.


Bouquet Shape

A cascade bouquet features an overflow of flowers tumbling down from it like a waterfall. An arm sheath bouquet is made to rest on a bride’s forearm. There’s also the classic and circular posy bouquet, and the less-common book bouquet. Different constructions of bouquet can play better against different types of wedding dress, so consider not just what flowers and colours you want out of a bouquet, but also how you want them arranged and put together.


And Finally… Most Importantly... What Do You Think Looks Good!?

Listen. There’s so much to consider in every aspect of a wedding, but whatever you do, don’t ever forget the most important consideration: you! There’s no point choosing a beautiful bouquet that uses the language of flowers to aptly convey how you feel about your partner - all while matching your wedding dress and being in keeping with the theme of your wedding - if it isn’t what you really want, deep down.

Thinking about the elements above is important, but always keep your own feelings at the forefront of any decision. Sometimes, when you know, you know.


If you’re feeling confident that you have a vision for the kind of bouquet you want to walk down the aisle with, or are still looking for inspiration and options, why not browse Hidden Botanics’ extensive range (found here)? Not only have we received a swathe of 5 star reviews from brides who have purchased bouquets from us - many of which can be seen on our instagram account, @hiddenbotanics - but our dried floral arrangements will last significantly longer than fresh flower alternatives, all while being no less colourful, fragrant, or beautiful.

For brides looking to further accessorise on their special day, Hidden Botanics also offers a range of flower crowns we’re sure you’ll love!


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May 09, 2022 — Cagla Cantimur

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