Want to know how to redecorate your home while supporting sustainable and eco-friendly businesses? This list has you covered.

Trying to live sustainably can be hard, but with mounting pressure in the form of the looming, present, and dangerous effects of climate change, and the way humanity has previously exploited the earth and the landscape being responsible, we owe it to ourselves and our world to do our part! Even when decorating your home, it is important to seek out businesses operating in ethical and sustainable ways!

To help you find these businesses, we have put together this short list that can put you in the know when decorating your house sustainably! We’ve tried to make up this list with companies producing a range of products to show that sustainability is available no matter how you are trying to make your house a home!

ECOS Paints - find their website here

While the environmental impact of paints can vary based on the specific type of paint, many paints contain toxic chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are not only dangerous to the environment, but also the people and animals that come into contact with them.

ECOS Paints doesn’t simply swap “green” ingredient alternatives into the pre-existing and damaging paint formulas, they rebuild their products and pigments from scratch, and today these products are sold internationally, with their eco-friendly paints being used by major companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. Even famous locations like The Louvre have taken advantage of this environmentally friendly and ethical brand of paints.


Linen & Stripes - you can search for their store on Etsy or find it here

If you’re wanting a fetching new throw pillow, decorative cushion, or bedspread, then take a look at Linen & Stripes fashionable cover collection.

Run by a husband and wife duo in Liverpool, Linen & Stripes offer handmade sustainable homeware made from eco-friendly materials. Their range of products also contains a line of storage baskets, napkins, and bags!


Prosperity Candle - find their website here

These handmade candles are created using all-natural and ethically-sourced ingredients by refugee women living in the USA, as Prosperity Candle is aiming to be an organisation that is not only ethical and sustainable, but also presents opportunities for an escape from poverty to those who may need it.

Prosperity Candle supports fair trade principles and is so dedicated to the reusability of every part of their product, that not only do they use all-recyclable and recycled packaging, but their candle-holders are made to be either recycled - and are made using recyclable materials - or repurposed after their initial use - for example, some candles are sold in ceramic containers built with the intention that they become plant pots after use.


Alabama Sawyer - find their website here

When a tree falls in Alabama, instead of letting it be sent to a landfill, the wonderful people at Alabama Sawyer collect them from municipalities, businesses and homeowners in order to give the fallen wood new life as part of their lines of products, ranging from furniture to wooden kitchen accessories.

At this point, the business believes they have sustainably diverted hundreds of logs away from landfills, and made award-winning products that would look brilliant in any home (maybe even yours!).


Hidden Botanics - see what we have on offer at our Etsy store here or our wholesale store here

As a business that is always working to become more sustainable, we at Hidden botanics are proud to offer a range of dried and artificial floral arrangements that will not only brighten up your home and fill it with colour and fragrance but are without the fear that our products will quickly wilter and lose their beauty like fresh flower alternatives. Roughly half of the flowers we use are sourced from farmers we personally support in Turkey, and we are looking to increase that percentage, aiming to become a 100% sustainable business in the next few years!



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May 09, 2022 — Cagla Cantimur

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